Marquette Repeater Association
Marquette Repeater Association Meeting Minutes

Marquette Repeater Association - Fall Meeting - October 30th, 2013

The meeting was called to order by the President Andy, KB8PPE at 7:30 PM.
In attendance:
Andy - KB8PPE
Mike - KE8IL
Lucille - KD8PTE
Coral - KC8DTE
Paul - KB0P
Allan - W8FYZ
Judy - N8ITK
Jack - N8JRN

Secretary's Report
The Secretary's Report was given by Al, W8FYZ and the Minutes of the last
meeting were read - Motion to Accept: Lucille - KD8PTE, Second: Jack - N8JRN
 Motion Passed.

*Treasurer's Report
Motion to Accept: Al-W8FYZ, Second: Paul - KB0P, Motion Passed.

Letter from former resident, member and Ham, Brennen Busse, with pictures
announcing the arrival of his Baby Girl.

Old Business

 - Al-W8FYZ gave an update on the MRA 440 repeater. Still not up the hill.
 - Mike, KE8IL stated he went through incredible red-tape to get a hold of
the right attorney at Verizon for the Lease Renewal. Numerous phone calls
were made but eventually he got through to the right person. Supposedly,
renewal is in process as of October 18th.

New Business

 - TARA is considering move/swap of the 224 repeater at Tie Hill with the
Trenary 7.03 . Possibly in the Spring.
 - There was a discussion on antenna coatings for fiberglass antennas.
 - Paul, KB0P discussed the recent noise on the 7.27 and the apparent cause.
 - Election of Officers due:
 - Jack, N8JRN made a motion to re-elect the present slate of MRA officers

for an additional Term. Mike, KE8IL Seconded.
 - Before a vote was held, Al - W8FYZ offered the positions to anyone else
interested´┐Żno one indicated positively.
 - Motion was passed and Andy, KB8PPE will remain President and Allan,W8FYZ
will remain Secretary. Mike, KE8IL will remain Treasurer.
(Mike, KE8IL's Trustee position does not expire)

 Mike - KE8IL made a motion to Adjourn, Jack -  N8JRN Seconded, Motion passed
and the meeting was adjourned at 8:28PM.

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