Marquette Repeater Association
Marquette Repeater Association Meeting Minutes

Marquette Repeater Association - Fall Meeting - October 24th, 2012

The meeting was called to order by the President Andy, KB8PPE at 7:38 PM.
In attendance:
Andy - KB8PPE
Mike - KE8IL
Allan - W8FYZ
Non-licensed member "Nikita the Wonder Dog"

Secretary's Report
The Secretary's Report was given by Al, W8FYZ and the Minutes of the last
meeting were read - Motion to Accept: Mike - KE8IL, Second: Andy - KB8PPE,
Motion Passed.

Treasurer's Report
Mike, KE8IL gave the Treasurer's Report:
Motion to Accept: Al - W8FYZ, Second: Andy - KB8PPE, Motion Passed.

A letter was received from former resident/MRA member Brennen Busse,
KC9KDL. Brennen is now married and still living in the Seattle area.
He can be emailed at .

Old Business

~ Al, W8FYZ should have the second 440 antenna up on the tower
soon and will measure and order the jumpers for the splitter install.

~ An error was made on the expiration of our Verizon site lease
at the last (spring 2012) meeting of the MRA. It actually does not
expire until 8-31-2013.

~ The Manistique Amateur Radio Association has put the 6.79
Repeater back on the air in the city of Manistique. It is located on
the County Fair building there and has limited coverage, but covers
the city quite well. Plans are to later link it to the new 224.000
repeater now at Tie Lake Hill.

~ The Trenary Amateur Radio Association's 224.000 repeater is
now active at Tie Lake Hill. Coverage is good but there are some bugs
on the receive side that have to be resolved yet. 
New Business

~ Severe Paging transmitter interference began on Monday October
8th and severely affected the Trenary 147.030 repeater, all VHF/UHF
base and mobile radios at W8FYZ's residence and the 146.970 repeater
in Marquette.

It was quickly traced to Range's 152.240 MHz Paging Transmitter in

Several calls were made to Range and they found a failed modulator
unit in the PA of this transmitter. It was causing severe "spurs"
off their carrier frequency.

It should be noted that due to the coverage overlap and
synchronization of Pages on Ranges system, a problem like this can
cause wide-spread interference.
New Business (continued)

~ Paul, KB0P went up the hill a few weeks ago and got the
Johnson 440 repeater back on frequency. Thanks to Paul for taking
the time to do this.

~ Paul, KB0P stated that a PL tone card had been installed on
the 97 repeater quite a while ago to support Echolink operation and
that the Receive PL could be activated if ever needed such as with
the recent Range Interference.

~ Al, W8FYZ attended the UP Hamfest in Escanaba this past
summer and also attended the UPARRA meeting. Several changes were
approved by this coordinating body:

- Any Future U.P. Repeater Frequency coordination's will
require the repeater have Receive Tone (PL) installed. This is
to help with interference issues.

- Secondly, repeater spacing distance from repeaters on the
same frequency will be reduced from 120 miles to 90 miles.
This is mostly to help out Wisconsin with their repeater growth and
border issues with the UP.

~ There are some new Nets on the Echolink 444.800 Repeater:

~ The International Prayer and Fellowship Net can be heard every
Tuesday and Thursday from 11:30AM to 12:30PM.

~ The Sunshine Net can be heard Wednesday's from 11:30AM to

~ The UP Echolink Net will still be on Sunday evenings at

~ The South-Cars Net has been dropped (excessive length

Finally, it is with deep regret that we report the passing of former
MRA President and Gwinn resident Paul Karre, N8XTB. Paul had
relocated to Florida several years ago and will be missed.

Al - W8FYZ made a motion to Adjourn, Andy - KB8PPE Seconded, Motion
passed and the meeting was adjourned at 8:30PM.

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