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Why QRP?

Ham radio is a great hobby that attracts people for many different reasons. Low power operating(QRP) is one of them. There is a certain amount of amazement in making radio contacts with low power radios and a piece of wire hanging in the backyard. It's quite common to hear a QRP operator say, "I was losing interest in radio and QRP brought me back."

QRP Clubs are full of people who love challenges. They build their own rigs; experiment with radios and antennas; chase operating awards; enter contests. Why they do it doesn't matter. Everyone is having fun.

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Michigan QRP Club

The Michigan QRP Club was organized on January 19, 1978 in Michigan's central Lower Peninsula. The club has grown to include members from many parts of the country and around the world. Section 2(a) of the club constitution reflects the purpose "...to foster and develop friendships and cooperation among amateur radio operators who have a common interest in the unique pleasure and challenge of operation...at power levels of 5 watts output or less..."

The Five Watter Plus

It's new and it will be fun. We have begun to add articles to the site. They can be about anything that is of interest to the QRP community. This can include building projects, antennas, operating events, or great QRP accomplishments. If you feel creative write something up or send an email to the webmaster. We can collaborate on the writing if necessary and put it together. The newest article is here now: The Ten-Tec Rebel--A Platform for Change by Pete WK8S.

Rigs That Show Up For a QRP Picnic

Mark I Radio Heathkit DX-60 and HR-10
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The Ten-Tec Rebel--A Platform for Change
The Milliwatt Log--Fun With Tiny Transmitters
2014 Picnic Photos