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Packet Flexnet Network in the Northern New Jersey Area

Listed below are FlexNet nodes that may be reachable from various points in Morris County NJ. The list is from 2010 and is likely to have errors, since packet stations come and go.
Rev. 05/24/10

  The following list of destination calls are ax25 packet systems that are are known to be or scheduled to be linked to the FlexNet network.  Most of these destinations calls are nodes running PC/FlexNet-Digi software. Some are  XNet nodes which also support the FlexNet protocol. Others are non FlexNet systems such as NetRom nodes, DX Cluster nodes, TCP/IP systems, HF Gateway, Satellite Gatway and PBBS.     

  On a FlexNet network, each FlexNet node uses regular polling of its linked  neighbors to verify that these links are currently available for network routing.  An autorouter at each FlexNet node exchanges network wide routing  data with its FlexNet node neighbors.  Whenever link conditions change anywhere within the network, routing data is updated network- wide very quickly. 

  A destination table with current network status info is maintained by each FlexNet node. It can be displayed by use of the <D>estination command. In this table, all destinations to which the autorouter knows a route are shown.

  Please note: At any FlexNet node, the calls in this destination call list  will only be included in the local destination table if they are currently operational and a route to them exists.   

call    ssid   freq     notes         area  location

NJ Region:
KB2SYD         ------via W2LV          NNJ  Wantage, Sussex County, NY
"       5-5    DXSpider
N2QAE   0-4    145.51  -4=BBS          NNJ  Schooleys Mtn, Morris County, NJ
NJ2AR   0-14   145.03  -4=BBS          CNJ  Lakehurst, Ocean County, NJ
NJ2SX   0-4    144.99  -4=BBS          NNJ  Newton, Sussex County, NJ
W2GSA   2-4    145.05  -4=BBS          CNJ  Tinton Falls, Monmouth County, NJ
W2LI    2-4    145.05  -4=BBS          NNJ  Murray Hill, Union County, NJ
W2LV    0-5    144.91  -4=BBS          NWJ  Culvers Lake, Sussex County, NJ
W2ZQ    0-4    145.05  -4=BBS          CNJ  W Trenton, Mercer County, NJ
WA2IMS  0-4    144.93  -4=BBS          NNJ  Randolph, Morris County, NJ
WB2FTX  0-4    ------via WA2SNA -4=BBS NNJ  Butler, Morris County, NJ
"       0-0    Winlink Clasic  HF Pactor NTS only. NTSNJ Eastern Area Net.
"       10     WL2K RMS, Connect from WA2SNA to WB2FTX-10.
WB2ONA  1-1    MFNOS via WB2SNN IPGate CNJ  East Brunswick, Middlesex Cty, NJ
WA2SNA  0-4    145.01  -4=BBS          NNJ  Wanaque, Passaic County, NJ
WB2SNN  0-14   145.51  -4=BBS          CNJ  Sayreville, Middlesex Cty, NJ
KC2QVT  0-4    145.09  -4=BBS          SNJ  Westampton, Burlington Cty, NJ

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Last Updated: 05/24/2010