RSGB Foundation Licence

The Foundation licence is your gateway to amateur radio.
The course and exam that leads to the licence provides you with an exciting introduction to the hobby while requiring an acceptable minimum level of skill and experience.
Your Foundation licence is recognized by the UK communications regulator Ofcom, and entitles you to take a unique identifier called a callsign which will be used to identify you when you are transmitting.

RSGB Intermediate Licence

Now that you have your amateur radio licence and have gained experience operating, it may be time for you to move on to an Intermediate licence.
The Intermediate licence carries with it more privileges and also more responsibilities on you as a radio amateur. The main advantage of stepping up to the Intermediate licence is the increase in permitted operating power. You will be able to go from the 10 watts of the Foundation licence, up to 50 watts as an Intermediate licence holder.

RSGB Advanced Licence

You have worked hard to get your amateur radio licence, and have progressed through to being an Intermediate licence holder. Maybe you are ready now to take on the UK’s utimate amateur radio qualification: the Advanced, or Full licence.
A lot of privileges and responsibilities come with an Advanced licence, not least from the fact that you will be able to transmit at up to 400 watts of power. You will also receive with your Advanced licence the ability to legally transmit from almost every country in the world.
Additional Information
RSGB courses, (Radio Society of Great Britain), can be taken at the local club/society meeting place.
More detailed information can be found on the RSGB website.
New examination fees for January 2011 on

Please note that from 1 January 2011, the new examination fees will be as follows;

Foundation £27.50 plus recorded delivery £3 total £30.50
Intermediate £32.50 plus recorded delivery £3 total £35.50
Advanced £37.50
plus recorded delivery £3 total £40.50

The exam fees are sent to the RSGB/RCF the club has no fee for arranging exams.

Amateur Licence Renewals

Members are reminded that they should ensure that their "licence-for-life" is renewed every five years.
This can be done on-line at:-

How to apply for the Examinations at our Examination Centre at Risca.

Members can complete the Examination application form on line at the RSGB website and print it out and bring it along to the club.
Anyone who wishes to apply for the exams should allow at least three weeks after the payment and application form is given to me (As the Examination Secretary of the club).
The examination date is confirmed when all the arrangements with the RSGB/RCF have been agreed. If you have any queries please contact me at the club or email. An exam date must be agreed at the club before any payment is made.
The application forms can be completed on line, for the Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced, at the RCF/RSGB section of the website. The form required for you to complete is the,"Candidate Application Form." It is recommended the candidate application form is given to the Examination Secretary of the club, together with the examination fee and postage. Since the 3rd June 2015 you can pay online at the RCF website. If you pay online you must bring the receipt to the club with your online application. Copy link to browser:-


If you have any exam queries see Clive (Exam Secretary) at the club.

Since the introduction of the Optical Marking system it is a good idea to confirm you understand this new method of examination marking? eg., the transfer of marks to the optical marking sheet? Time is allowed for this at the end of all the examinations.

 The Advanced Course

The club started the 2013 Advanced Course in 2013 with an exam distinction.
This was also the first time the club held all three examinations at the Risca Examination Centre in one year.

New Marking System for the 3 Exams - Optical Marking August 2013

The RSGB and RCF are changing from manual marking of exam papers to optical marking. The changes arise from the coming on-stream of a new computerised examination administration system. This will allow full introduction of the new syllabus elements introduced in 2009 and 2011.

For the Foundation and Intermediate examinations, local marking continues but on an indicative basis only.
The formal confirmation of a pass will now come from RSGB, once the Optical Mark Sheets have been automatically processed. Local indicative marking is to be carried out using the answers on the OMS, then the “Candidate Feedback and Indicative Marking” sheet should be used to record answers given against the syllabus topics and to give the indicative mark (top right of the sheet). This sheet replaces the Pass Slip and Candidate Feedback Forms used in the past The OMS is completed by blacking in, in ink, a rectangle against the chosen answer for each question (see documentation referenced below). The answers on the OMS are to be used for any local indicative marking. Immediately the local marking is completed, the OMS are to be placed in a sealed envelope and mailed to RSGB HQ together with the other documents currently returned. For the Advanced Examination the OMS is sealed at the end of the Examination in front of any remaining candidates. The RSGB will process the OMS on receipt, send each successful candidate a pass certificate and upload the results to Ofcom. The timeline for uploading to Ofcom has now been set at six working days to allow for any appeals etc. The RSGB hope that the new arrangements will reduce the overhead of administering the examinations and provide much needed statistical data and quality control on the whole process.