Membership 2016 to March 2017


Mr Clive Jenkins - Chairman/Secretary - Call Sign GW6 JPC

Mr Guido Giudice - Vice Chairman/Treasurer - Call Sign GW6 TQH

Mr Steven Ring - Training Officer - Call Sign M0SVR (5 Sept 2013)

Mr Allan Madden - Committee Member - Call Sign MW6 BWG (14th July 2012)

Mr Kevin Mogford - Committee Member - New Call Sign MW0KEQ Now Advanced ( 17/12/2014)

Mr Paul Smith - Committee Member - New Call Sign MW6YBZ Now Intermediate 2W0YBZ

Mrs Charlie Smith - Committee Member - New Call Sign MW6CVC Now Intermediate 2W0CYY

Mr Gareth Spalding-Reffold - Committee Member - New Call Sign MW6GVR ( 10 July 2015)

Pamela James - Committee Member

Mr Andrew Muldoon - New Call Sign MW6FPL (09 July 2015)

Mr Richard Hall - 40th Member to join the club in our 5th Year. (2 February 2016)

Mr Chris Doody 41-(9 February 2016)

Mr Robert Pitman - GW0RYT

Mr Trevor Keane - MW6TRK Pending Membership renewal

Witheld Name - MW6 AXV


Honorary Membership

Bob Williams - New Call Sign for Canada VA3NGE(2015) Previous Call Sign AE2NG (23 April 2013)


AGM on 8 March 2016 (Note 2016 Membership changes complete at the end of March 2016).

The Annual Membership Renewals are due in February 2017. To be eligible to vote at the AGM in March membership has to be valid at the AGM and paid up before the end of February.

In order to bring the Annual Payment in line to March each year, it is possible to pay £12 Annual less a £1 a month if the member joined through part of the year. e.g., joined in May so April and May is £2 less the £12 so renewal would cost £10 (for the 2 months less). The full Annual payment would be due in March in line with the clubs annual membership renewals.

If your name is listed you are a member - if you wish to become a member you must pay the £12 Annual Membership. If in doubt check your membership details at the club or ask the Treasurer.


Radio Society of Great Britain Club Positions

Examination Secretary - Clive Jenkins pgce(Cert.Ed)

Club Raynet Member - Vacant

Club Webmaster - Clive Jenkins



Meet the RAE Training Course Tutors.

Clive Jenkins pgce(Cert.Ed) GW6 JPC F/I/A - Instructor

Steven Ring M0SVR F/I/A - Training Officer and Instructor

Guido GW6 TQH F/I/A - Instructor


F = Foundation Course

I = Intermediate Course

A = Advanced/Full Course

New instructors are always welcome to join the training team.


Mr Kevin Mogford - MW0KEQ

Mr Allan Madden - MW6 BWG

Mr Paul Smith - MW6YBZ

Mrs Charlie Smith -MW6CVC



Founder Members

Mr Clive Jenkins - Secretary/Vice Chairman GW6 JPC.

Mr Brian Morgan - Chairman - Call Sign 2W0 BTM.

Mr Alan Cook - Financial Officer - Call Sign 2W0 EAD.

Mr Douglas Griffiths - Press Officer - Call Sign GW6 RAO.

Mr Stephen Cook - Call Sign 2W0 TID.

Mr Clive Jones - Call Sign 2W0 CLJ.

Mr Shane Parsons - St John Ambulance