Application for Mauritius Visitor License
(PDF Document)

Mauritius - 3B8
Application form for RadioAmateurVisitor Licence (PDF-file): DOWNLOAD NOW
Please, read also the Amateur Radio Guidline.
Send your application to:
Information & Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA)
Level 12
The Celicourt
6, Sir Celicourt Antelme Street
Port Louis
Republic of Mauritius
Telephone: Tel: (230) 211 5333/4
The best way to get a license:
Send application to the above address at least 6 months before arrival to Mauritius. Send a copy of all documents to Mauritius Amateur Radio Society: MARS, P.O.Box 104, Quatre Bornes, Mauritius. This will enable MARS to give required information if needed by Telecoms Authority or Security personel. Also this will help MARS to follow the progress of the application.
Price: Licence fee is now 1000 rupees (source 2012).
Please send your complete application 3 (better 6) months before arrival
(page updated in September 2012 by 3B8MM)

source: ICTA + MARS (3B8CF)

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