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Scunthorpe Steel Amateur Radio Club


Foundation Licence 'Pass' Candidates From Left to Right:

Chris - (My brother - M6FOK)
My good self - (
Ken - (Our tutor -
Rick - (

The Scunthorpe Amateur Radio Club was formed in the early nineteen fifties, meetings were held at first at the home of G3CCH. As the club membership grew, we then moved to the Talbot Inn, where meetings were held every fortnight. In those days there were only four licensed hams in the town, G3CCH G3AMM G3HRP and G3HLR. Later G3JWR G3KNP and G3KNU were licensed.

After several successful years G3MSB joined the club, he was a member of the Territorial Army (TA) and was instrumental in obtaining us a hut behind the TA centre in Cottage Beck Road. This was for our own use, which gave us the freedom to do many things we had previously wanted too. We had a field next to the hut where we had an antenna so we could have our own station. The only drawback was that we could not get an alcoholic drink.

After a few years the club then moved to the Railway Social Club. Later we moved to the Hobbies Club, here we had the use of a lecture room and a shack. We also had a 50ft tower which supported many beams. Here the membership grew so much that we had to turn people away. Sadly after many good years the numbers went down, and as the rent was gradually increased it was no longer possible to remain there.

About 1997 we moved to our present location, here we have the use of a room, the facilities of a bar, and plenty of room for antennas when we operate in field days. We run Novice and morse classes and we are at the moment, responsible for eighteen novice licensed amateurs. We now run Foundation Licence courses and the clubs HQ is also an Examination Centre.

With kind perrmission of Peter Jackson (G3KNU)
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 GB3WJ 70cm Analogue Voice Repeater

Keeper/NOV Holder: Ted Parsons (G3TMD)

RX Freq: 433.125 MHz
TX Freq: 434.725 MHz
Offset: +1.6 MHz
CTCSS: 88.5 Hz
IRLP Node: 5113 


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