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The Antennas That Make It All Work!


If You Have A Good Antenna System You Can Work The World!

When I first thought of becoming a Ham Radio Operator I was under the impression that I couldn't afford a set up that could 'work the world'.
In fact I thought it would cost an 'arm and a leg' to get a system set up that would come anything close to being a 'big gun' in the Ham Radio World.
How wrong I was!

Attending our local club, along with doing plenty of online research into how antennas perform best, paid dividends when it came to installing
a sufficient antenna system. I originally started with what I would consider to be an 'entry level' antenna, the G5RV Jnr, kindly donated to me from a
good Ham Radio Buddy from our local club. Well, 'entry level'? that's what I thought when I first passed my Foundation Licence back in June 2015!
Again, what a surprise I had when I managed to work a VK Station in Australia at about 1am whilst just browsing round the 20 meter band thinking
it was completely closed! Ian VK3MO was one of my very best achievements using 10 watts through the G5RV Jnr and I would now argue with anyone
that considers it to be an 'entry level' antenna! After working no less that 33 countries, confirmed by my eQSL eDX Certificate, it was time for the
G5RV Jnr to come down and be replaced by my loving wifes Christmas present to me, the Diamond WD330-S Terminated Folded Dipole,
as pictured above. I have only had this antenna raised for two days now and my signal has been heard TWICE in Australia using the JT65 Mode,
once in Perth and once in Melbourne! I can see i'm going to be having loads of fun with this wire in the future!




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