Dale's Amateur Radio Website
Amateur Radio Callsign M1CZR

TS570DG Icom 706 Shack

My main interest in Amateur Radio is Slowscan Television. The two main programs I use are JVComm and EasyPal for digital. Included in the links to the left are some sstv pictures of hams I have worked and also my new sstv webcam, Another interest I have is BPSK, mainly on 20m band.

Our local SSTV net normally operates 19.30hr – 22.00hr Wednesdays on 144.550. We also have a local Digital group on Friday evenings from 20.00hr onwards.

Radio Equipment
Kenwood TS 570DG
Icom 706 MK1
Kenwood TM451 (70cm)
Icom IC-290E (2mtr All Mode) Old but good with pager breakthrough!
Antenna G5RV
Watson W300 dualband collinear