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About Me

My name is Ian, M1BGY, I am retired due to disability but am a qualified Electrical Engineer.

I served my apprenticeship in Bradford, West Yorkshire, where I now reside.

Following my apprenticeship I joined the RAF, after passing a trade test as a Works Electrician with 5003 Airfield Construction Squadron based at RAF Wellesbourne Mountford, Warks. Later moved to RAF Waterbeach in Cambs.

We were disbanded (taken over by the Royal Engineers) so I became a REME Telecommunications Tech. Living in the South West for several years. Working on Larkspur and Clansman equipment and the No. 19 Set occasionally

I have a Wife, Dorothy 2E1GDD/M3DPT, whom I married in 1963 we have 4 Sons, and 7 grandchildren with another due.

Marc is my oldest Grandson he is 2E1EGV/M3ARC we are all active members of Keighley Amateur Radio Society. Marc lives with us.

Dorothy, whom I met at RAF Wittering and I are both members of RAFARS and we hold Family Membership of the RSGB.

I first became interested in Amateur Radio as a Lad in Queensbury, Bradford, helped by John Bateman G6BX, later attending the startup of the Northern Heights Amateur Radio Society with Arthur Robinson G3MDW (Candy Cabin) Ogden, Halifax. and Mary Shaw G3OMM, Mathew G2SU plus others. My Group Scout Master was Bob Gill G3CXP, I attended the first JOTA. I also ran a JOTA Station myself on the 40th JOTA

I run RAE, NRAE, and Foundation License Courses, please contact me direct for more information about dates, times and places.

I give an RSGB presentation to RSGB Affiliated Clubs and would be happy to come along and bring your members up to date, I have my own multimedia projector and screen.

The presentation looks in to the future and gives a lot of information on the new licensing structure, as well as other information about the RSGB  both locally and nationally, The GB4FUN Mobile Shack and much more.

I can arrange RSGB Book Sales at your Club if required, just let me know where and when and I will be happy to arrange it.

I intend to collate from local clubs, a list of outstanding speakers, so if you have any recommendations, please forward them to me either by post, I’m QTHR or by E-mail . If you would like to be placed on the list yourself, please send your own details. 

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