About the Club

The Holsworthy Amateur Radio Club was founded by Don G7PFU & Don G0RQL in 2001.

Meetings were held in a local Pub to start with, then the club changed venue to the local Scout HQ in Holsworthy.

On the 1st of March 2006 the H.A.R.C moved to a more favourable premises Holsworthy Community College.

Where there are now better facilities and aerials for vhf/uhf/hf and data communications.

Meetings are held on a Wednesday of every month,(Subject to School Closure & Holiday Dates)

Click on the Club Meetings Dates page for confirmed dates

We meet in the Science Classroom, 19.30hrs for 20.00hrs and finish at 21.30hrs.

Parking is in the Main Car park by the swimming pool and then walk over the bridge into the college

Holsworthy Amateur Radio Club Callsign is M0OMC

Email for Further infomation

All Visitors Licenced or SWL are welcome (only exception is May AGM)

Address and Committee Members

Holsworthy ARC Chairman: Howard M0MYB

Holsworthy Community College Vice Chairman Darrell 2E0VCC

Victoria Hill Secretary: Ken G7VJA

Holsworthy Treasurer: Don G0RQL

Devon Web & Publications: Ken G7VJA

EX22-6JD Qsl Manager: Darrell 2E0VCC

Locator IO70TT - WAB SS30

Email the Club Secretary: All Enquiries

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