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           425 DX News

425 DX Buletin

           AA7BQ's QRZ Web Server

           AA7FL Homepage

           AB4BE - amateur/ham radio site featuring links to related sites.

           AC4JQ/WA4CQZ- Atlanta, GA Amateur Radio

           ADM's PLACE of STUFF!

           AEA Packet TNC Products

           Ahart, Brian - Whether your interest is computers, politics, ham radio, Star Trek, or game playing, it's all here on Brian Ahart's Home Page at University of Missouri - Columbia.

           Alachua Freenet Ham Radio Page

           All Electronics Corp. Electronic components

           Amateur Astronomy & Amateur Radio by VK1NE

           Amateur Electronic Supply - ham radio transceivers, antennas, cable and accessories. 5 Branches all over the country. 38 Years in amateur radio.

           Amateur Ham Radio Club - club has been in operation since 1987.

           Amateur Radio Chat Room - guest hosted by ham radio enthusiast Timothy Connolly, KB8EHT. - Web Chat at WBS

           Amateur Radio Club of Anderson - ARCA event listings plus HAM links.

           Amateur Radio Club of Anderson, CA. - ARCA

           Amateur Radio in Arizona - AA7TQ

           Amateur Radio Internet Shopper - Shop or trade for new or used Ham Radio gear, also Ham related information and Links.

           Amateur Radio Operator magazine

           Amateur Radio Recreation Web Explorer

           Amateur Radio Reference - by N2VKG

            Amateur Radio Space Program

            Amateur Radio Spread Spectrum Communications

            Amateur Radio UK - A UK-based resource which includes links to the US and the world.

            Amateur Radio Webfest '96 - Like a trade magazine in that it carries advertisements for amateur radio suppliers - includes list of stolen goods.

            Amateur Radio Webpages on Internet - by WZ1V

            Amateur Satellite - N7RYW page

            AMATEURFUNK - DG0LFH

            American Radio Relay League - Information on getting started in amateur radio, with details of activities and societies around the world.

            Ames Area Amateur Astronomers (Iowa)

            AMSAT - The American Amateur Radio Satellite's homepage.

            AMSAT-NA - Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation

            AmSoft - The World Of Ham Radio CD-ROM info

            Andrews University ARC - WA8LKI

            Angle Linear RF Products for VHF - Microwave - N6CA

            ANLI - antenna manufacturer; cellular phone accessories, ham, amateur and commercial radio.

            Antenna Network Lab Inc. (ANLI) - antenna manufacturer; cellular phone accessories, ham, amateur and commercial radio.

            Antique - Digitized oldtime radio broadcasts

            Antique - Gerard Tel's antique radio collection

            Antique - Phil's Old Radios

            Antique - The Bellingham Antique Radio Museum

            ANTRAK - The Radio Amateurs Club of Ankara (TURKEY)

            APRL home page - Atmospheric Profilers / Tropo data

            APRS - Automatic Packet Reporting System software

            Archer's home page

            Arctic ARC - KL7KC

            Arizona Amateur Radio  AA7TQ

            Arizona Repeater Association

            Armstrong, Edward - eddie's ham radio page - ham radio oriented page with various links.

            Artsci Publishing Inc. - Amateur Radio books

            Aston University E. E. and Applied Physics

            Atlanta Ham Festival

            Atlanta Ham Radio

            ATV in East Tennessee

            Aurora Borealis - the northern lights

            Auroral Forecast Maps - Geophysical Institute

            Austin, David - info on TV DX: ham-radio-speak for distant signal reception. Links to TV DX stations and more.

            Axinar's Hobbies

            Axinar's World - A great list of links to news sources, ham radio information, Winsock applications and instructions and other great fun stuff!

            BADG pages - Bulgarian Amateur Digipeater Group - ham, packet-radio, other digital modes, e.t.c., most of text are in Bulgarian

            Baggett, Harold - Weird Harold's Warped Web - links to skydiving, ham-radio, skiing, motorcycles, and ultralights.

            BAMCOM Communications - Louisiana ham dealer

            Bandercom, Inc. - radio equipment sales and services. CB's, Scanners, antennas, and Ham radio equipment.

            BARTG - British Amateur Radio Teledata Group

            Bavarian Packet Radio Group - Baycom Packet support

            Bay Area DXers (Michigan) Amateur Radio Page

            Baylor Amateur Radio Club - KC5OJY

            BBOTW Web Explorer - WA4FAT

            BCRA/FRARC Ham Radio Club - includes info on special events, activities, ATV, and digital. (Bristol County Repeater Association / Fall River Amateur Radio Club)

            Beginners Guide to Ham Radio

            Bell, Michael - WD8N - mostly ham/amateur radio related but has many other sites. Please feel free to stop by for a visit.

            Best of 75 meter Net

            Best of the Web - A collection of amateur radio resources, with an introduction for beginners, details of suppliers, and the latest news.

            BFRA pages - Bulgarian Federation of Radio Amateurs - statute of BFRA, ham info, how-to, ham links, ham market, ham ftp archives e.t.c.

            Binky's Micro World!

            Birmingham (Alabama) Amateur Radio Club

            Bishop, Leon - My home page is for ham radio operators.

            Black Sheep Contest and DX Group - U.K.

            BNL's Public Web

            Boatscape!!-Boatanchors Vintage Radio Page - Reference page for images of and information on the use, restoration, and collection of vintage, tube-type Ham and Shortwave equipment.

            Boletines Electronicos de Mexico (BBS) - The first and oldest BBS list from Mexico, since 1992. Contains all the infoof private BBS, Internet BBS, Comercial telecom services and HAM BBS in Mexico.

            Bolingbrook ARS (Illinois)

            Bookworm by AA6KI - SanDiego, CA.

            Borken, Rick - ham radio callsign K0XB.

            Boston ARC Web page -  New England area fleamarkets, VE Exams, etc.

            Boulder NIST, NOAA, NTIA virtual tour

            Boyle Meat Company - KC strip steaks, filet mignons, ribeyes, and combo packs, as well as ham & turkey.

            Brandt, Andy - links to Genealogy, Renter's and Ham Radio pages and the software linklist.

            Brazil Ham Page - news and information about amateur radio and SWL in Brazil.

            Breen, Steve - Hobbies include Ham Radio, Motor Racing and Home Cinema. Some ham radio related icons are available for download.

            Brigham Young University ARC  - W7OHR.

            Brown Radio Club - Loose amalgamation of parties interested in ham radio from the Brown area.

            Brown Radio Club of RI  (K1AD).

            Bryce, Ricky L. - ham radio links and stories, resume, weather, and lots more. 

            BUCKMASTER Callsign server  - US, Foreign w/ grids, lat/long.

            Bunn, Rod - ham radio KE6NKH.

            Burnaby Radio Communications Ltd. - specializing in ham radio, satellite dishes, programming, and scanners.

            Burnaby Radio Communications  - Canadian Amateur Radio sales

            BV5GQ - ham radio in Taiwan.

            BV5GQ Amateur Radio Station - ham radio in Taiwan.

            Cal Poly ARC - W6BHZ

            Cal Poly ARC (KE6VBI)

            California Amateur Vhf Enthusiasts

            Callbook Summary Today - new/changed FCC licenses.

            Callsign server at QRZ - updated nightly from FCC.

            Callsign server at UALR using FCC database  (updated DAILY).

            Callsign.Net - free email forwarding service for ham radio operators.

            Canadian Hams on Internet - database of e-mail addresses.

            Canova, Jared - Visit here for info on hunting, politics, ray tracing, guns, amateur radio (HAM Radio), and much more.

            Cardoso, Antonio - Artesia Portuguese community and DES band; Cal Poly, Pomona; ham radio and my family.

            cAVe - California Amateur Vhf Enthusiasts - Links to resources of interest to the amateur radio buff.

            Cenois Amateur Radio Club Chat Room - talk about ham radio and storm spotting stuff. - ParaChat

            Chilton, Nathan - links to popular ham and cb sites and other cool stuff.

            Christl Sr., Robert - ham and personal information, links, rural Alaska living.

            Chung, Yow-I - Yow-I Studio - This is KB2YPG. Welcome to my home page. Topics include computer network, ham radio, MIDI synthersizer, and much more...

            Coaster, Rob - links to my family & friends & to my hobbies CB & Ham Radio,Scanner Listening,SWL,Pets,Movies,Games,TV & other cool sites.

            Colonne, Dirk - Ham Radioamateurisme

            Colorado Amateur Radio - Good resources listed for the Colorado region as well as other sites of interest to the enthusiast.

            Colorado Repeater Association, Inc. - providing voice and data services from 6-meters thru 1.2-gig for hams in the Colorado Front Range.

            Columbia University Amateur Radio Club - The resource of the ham radio club (W2AEE) of this university.

            Complete RF Technician's Handbook - for the technician or ham radio operator.

            Connelly, Jim - law enforcement, ham radio and Spina-Bifida links.

            Covey, Scott - contains quilting, Ham Radio, and baseball links.

            Creviston, Jim - contains information about myself, Ham Radio and other sites related to these subjects.

            Crow, Nathan - Rider - devoted to ham radio and Royal Rangers type topics.

            Curtis, Chris - music, TV, collecting, ham radio, movies, sting, the Police, Star Trek, paintball, g.I. Joe.

            Dark, Michael - Ham Radio page (filled with lots of neat stuff), and my dog page

            Dauphin Amateur Radio Club - Ham Radio DARC Amateur Radio Club

            Davila, Hector - Personal Home Page with associated pages for Ham Radio, Pediatrics and Puerto Rico.

            Dayton Hamvention Photo Gallery - photos of ham operators taken at the Dayton Hamvention in 1997 by K8CX.

            Dboresґs Internet World for HAMs - Packet Radio, HAM Radio and more from the Rhein-Ruhr district in Central-West-Germany with links to more German HAM radio sites.

            De Wayne, Bud - ham radio information.

            Dees, David - dedicated to a silent key and has links to call sign servers and new calls for new hams via daily activity by the FCC.

            Demaree, Jack - Ajacks WB9OTX - Ham Radio, NASCAR & Sprint Racing, TVRO, Weather

            Directory of Ham radio - Extensive archive of amateur radio resources, with details of design, fabrication and a beginner's guide.

            DK0TUI - Technical University of Ilmenau, Germany

            Donaldson, Rick - amateur ham radio operator N0NJY and some of his hobbies.

            Dore, Dana - Interested in camping, computers, and ham radio.

            Durham Communications Inc. - sells ham radio products and accessories.

            DXing.com - on-line magazine covering ham radio, shortwave listening, scanner monitoring, and other hobby radio topics.

            Easyterm for Windows - designed for the active digital ham who wants to get the most out of the AEA and Kantronics TNC's.

            Ebisawa, Shin - JJ1LRD - regarding mainly ham radio, and some alumimum industries.

            Edmonton Scanner - listings for the Edmonton area. Also included are some links to ham, shortwave, cell and some amusement links.

            EI5DI Super-Duper - Contest logging software for ham radio operators.

            Elgin Amateur Radio Society (EARS) - Ham radio information for the Elgin IL area.

            Elmers Categorized Search List - Links to amateur radio resources.

            Erb, Jim - Stonepony's Emporium--Guitar Goodies, Racing around the Web, Ham Radio, Midis, Misc. links and my feeble attempts at humor.

            European Radio Club Echo Uniform - Italian club for CB, SWL, ham and DX radio operators and enthusiasts.

            Everett, R. - worlds of DOOM, Dr. Who, and ham radio.

            F5MZE - Hubert Vivien - ham/radio amateur, dx-expedition, etc.

            Falk, Michael - AA9RK Ham Page

            Falk, Michael J. - ham radio operator, MIDIer, musician, songwriter.

            FAQ - Ham Radio - compiled by John D. Seney, WD1V.

            Fort Bragg City - weather, events, fishing, lodging, camping, whale watching, diving, ham radio, local government and more.

            Fox Cities Amateur Radio Club - Appleton, WI - W9ZL. Contains club information, ham related links, on-line swap meet, and various other things.

            Friesen, Ken - French student interested in soccer, Ham Radio, Hiking,

            Fuller, Christopher - tons of Links to Ham Radio, Goverment, Nasa and Adult Links and Pictures.

            Galaxy Einet's Amateur Radio Pages

            Getting Started in Amateur Radio

            GJ4ICD: CInet, Jersey

            Glover, Jeff - Great Pyrenees, Aviation, Ham-Radio, are among some of my avocations.

            Goebel, Karl - KB8DM - myself, ham radio, and what I do for a living as an outside sales person for Newark Electronics.

            Graef, Thomas - List of search engines. ham links and cool sites page.

            Graham, Philip - includes Ham Radio links.

            Green Bay Area Scanner Frequency Guide - area scanner info, and link to N9UPU ham radio page, includes links.

            Greer, Todd - Ham & Angst - collecting the best battletech images and info that can be found on the web.

            Griggs, Robert - KB9NPV's ham radio page of links.

            Gubele, Russell - links to ham radio, EMS, computers, weather, news, space & science.

            Gunsul, Phil - My home page deals with genealogy, Corvettes, Ham Radio, organs, model railroading, roller skating, hotrods and some pretty cool links!

            Hackney, Aaron - creative people, shotokan karate, and ham radio.

            Hades HAM Journal - A one woman radio drama by Nora Maki currently airing on KFJC in Silicon Valley.

            Ham Gallery - photos of ham operators, ham shacks, antenna farms, and lots of links.

            Ham Heaven - Our services are available to all ham radio operators, clubs, organizations and businesses.

            Ham Homepage

            ham radio - Pagina personal de EA2AE - Global Chat

            Ham Radio [Wright, Avery]

            Ham Radio Articles de ka5ztx

            Ham Radio Latvia

            Ham Radio London - information and links on ham radio as a hobby and as a public service.

            Ham Radio Online

            Ham Radio Online Magazine - Find out all the news and current events in the world of ham radio, with classified pages and reviews of new products.

            Ham Radio Outlet

            Ham Sammich Promotions - promotions/production company looking for new bands to add to our growing list of successes.

            Ham Station - complete listing of new and used radio equipment with pricing and full color close-ups. Links, Hamfest and much more.

            Ham to Ham - articles from the column as published by 73 Magazine.

            Ham University - Windows program to help you study for your FCC exams. Includes all five levels, Morse code, and a game.

            Ham Web QSL - QSL home page design and Web site.

            Ham, Manny - links to Xerox, Printxchange, Mexico, UCLA MBA, and Apple.

            HamBurg - ham radio in Saskatoon.

            Hamfest Minnesota - features thousands of ham and computer enthusiasts, major manufacturers and retailers. On October 25, 1997.

            HamRadio - place for hams to come together and talk about the latest and greatest radios. - IRC at Undernet

            HAM-Server - HAM-server is an email file-server for amateur radio operators not having direct internet access. There is approximately 60-MB of stuff currently online for DOS, Windows, OS/2, and Mac.

            HFx - An HF propagation prediction application for Windows for the HAM radio user.

            Hickey, Ronald - a Pink Floyd links page, also contains some West Ham Ltd links.

            Hoff, Jerad - ham radio, CB, scanners and other nerd toys.

            Hollis Family - in Cicero, NY. Ham radio and other links.

            How to Ham

            Howell, John [wolf.net] - for rc flying and ham radio beginners with url`s to access.

            Hoyvald, Niels - dedicated to genealogy, ham radio, fire fighting, and more.

            Hughes, Bill - Family links, Ham Radio and seasonal offerings!

            Index - Hams On The Web - Links to ham radio operator pages dealing with subjects other than ham radio.

            Info HAM Park

            International Handicappers' Net - information on Handicapped Hams.

            International Order Of Krazies - hams who use radio as a means to promote goodwill through humor and comraderie.

            Internet Ham Radio - A good starting point for the amateur enthusiast in searching the Web.

            Internet Ham Shack - hamfests, classifieds, Ve Exam Schedules, links and club home pages.

            Irving Family - Information and resources for our family interest areas including rocketry, rocks, ham radio, astronomy, painting, radio scanning, and games.

            Jane & Al - personal family and local information, links related to ham radio, my fav's, nursing, sports, reference, and local links and live chat.

            Jane & Al's World: Ham Radio - links related to Ham radio.

            Jerry's Computer, Radio & Electronics - sale of new CB equipment, ham radio's, ultra computers, and car audio catalogs available on request.

            Jerry's Computer, Radio & Electronics - sale of new CB equipment, ham radio's, ultra computers, and car audio catalogs available on request.

            Jim's Ham Radio Shack - Lots of information on amateur radio from a man with over 30 years experience.

            Johnson, Scott - The Johnson Family - Life in Maine, links to Ham Radio, the Simpsons, Monty Python, calligraphy, and much sought-after photos of all of us (must be 18 or older to view).

            Jurrens, Gerry - N2GJ Memorial - amateur (ham) radio operator, computer consultant, private pilot and free-lance writer.

            K9WFY - Schmars, Ron - ham radio, r/c boats, bicycling, java games and some nice links.

            KB2ERJ - John Patchett - Personal home page with numerous Amateur (Ham) radio related links.

            KB2YPG - Chung, Yow-I - This is KB2YPG. Welcome to my home page. Topics include computer network, ham radio, MIDI synthersizer, and much more...

            KB5VLJ - Biffle, Hershell - Amateur Radio Links and info for packet and ham radio. Online Call Server Data Base.

            KC1QF - Peter Panayotis Vekinis

            KC4ZGL HAM Software - Software for the Amateur Radio and SWL Enthusiast. Develops of Scan Manager Pro (c) and SWL Manager (c).

            KC7CPM - William Buckwalter - amateur radio page for hams in Utah and Colorado; home page for Bill Buckwalter, KC7CPM.

            KC7TLU - ham radio links and software.

            KE4ARM: Welcome to the world of Internet Amateur Radio.

            Keal, Barry - family details, freemasonry, multiple sclerosis, bellringing, amateur (ham) radio.

            Keuhn, James - The Lazy K Flying Ranch - contains private pilot links especially flight planning, Nebraska Cornhuskers, news, ham radio, military issues, and a look at bars and taverns all over the world.

            KF4EZX - Eric Palmatier - interesting information about amateur (ham) radio in general.

            KF9TF - Ciango, Tony - info for those interested in getting started in Ham radio.

            Kinder, Phil - features ham radio and the friends that I talk to on the air.

            King, Jeffrey [geocities.com] - links to car stuff, ham radio stuff, weather stuff, and search engines.

            Kitchener-Waterloo Amateur Radio Club - features monthly on-line bulletins and a HAMPAGer site where hams with Bell Mobility Epagers may be sent pager messages from the web.

            Klimoff, Timo - NOA's Ark - William Blake, radiosporting, ham radio links.

            LaFerla, Joseph - information about Canada's North, Yellowknife and Malta. Also Ham Radio, software, horoscope, weather and other links.

            Lanz Company - produces ham radio related products including, code flasher, computer software theory study guides, and hand held radio holders.

            LeBlanc, JP - my site is designed to be the focal point for anyone interested in Orders, Decorations and Medals. Also information on ham radio.

            Lemmon, Tim - short wave radio, ham radio and other assorted fun stuff.

            Lette, Marcel - Ham radio page, Atari portfolio.

            Listing of Ham Radio, Computer, and Electronics Swap Meets

            Live Net Events - today's chats and programs.

            Loose, John - fun site dealing with flying and outhouses along with Michigan Football, writing and ham radio.

            Low Power Broadcasting FAQ - Set up your own radio station, with information on the equipment to buy and the facilities required.

            LZ Engineering & Manufacturing - Specilizes in the Digital Voice Processor (DVP) that can be used in Ham Radio contesting.

            Machbitz, Alan - - some information and many links about Harley Davidson Motorcycles, professional wrassling, ham radio, entertainment and news.

            Mak, Ken - This site is for my friends on the Internet. I Have information on New York City, Ham radio, and lots of Misc. Chinese web site links.

            Marjan, Laznik - S56CLZ - info about ham radio, photography, and security.

            Maschino, Todd - Kd4ygc, emt-p, ham radio operator and weather freak.

            Massey, Tony - The Organized Mess - debate, ham radio and other interests.

            Mathew Vangel and Associates - reseller of Ham radio, Garmin Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and computer networking related products (Cisco).

            Maxey, Dennis - NQ9E - Personal homepage mostly ham radio related.

            McAteer, Sean - ham radio stuff.

            Milwaukee Repeater Club - Promotes radio knowledge through information exchange between members. With a club overview, events calendar, and resources including the complete Amateur's Code.

            Moragrega Baquer, Luis - contains my hobbies and interests: SCUBA diving, photography, including underwater and digital, ham radio, horseback riding, and Snow Sky.

            Morgan Family - web page design, amateur (ham) radio, gardening, photography, daycare.

            Morgan, Brian D - WA9IAF's Ham radio homepage packet node/gateway, ABE Springfield, CPBE Carol Theilen Morgan.

            My Room in the Basement - ham radio related sites and info.

            N1NTE - Central Mass Ham Radio Page

            N2CKH Software

            N4GAK - Bruce Smith - provides a means for hams to check to see if you're in the log of V73C on Kwajalein Island.

            N5LJV - Brad Killebrew - Advocate of mixing Ham Radio, The Internet, and Linux!

            N5UYH - Phillip Laird - stuff for amateur astronomers and ham radio operators.

            N7VMR - location of the Montana Gateway.

            N9BKM - Adam Strack - favorite ham links on the net.

            N9SRW - Leif Ericksen - This page points to other hams, and places of interest to hams once you are in that section.

            Nela - One To Remember - books and literature, ham radio, and other links.

            Newsline Amateur Radio News - A service of Westlink radio network distributed to amateur radio stations throughout the US.

            Nigro, Lou - Lou Nigro's Bettie Page Home Pages. Lots of pics and a short look at Bettie's life. Also, Ham Radio info.

            No Spam...Ham! - a link devoted to resources for people interested in Ham Radio.

            Nolan, Arthur - ham radio (N8MLQ), C.B. radio, television, IBEW, railfan and links.

            Norm's Rotor Service - Ham radio antenna rotor service and sales. New and rebuilt rotors and rotator control units. Buy, sell, and trade.

            Norrish, Ian - Links to the stuff I like, wine, beer, ham radio etc.

            North Texas Balloon Project - launches helium balloons carrying ham radio equipment, amateur television, and GPS equipment.

            O'Brien, Joseph - Links to information you can use: World & domestic news sources, Irish politcs/culture sites and Ham Radio info.

            Olson, Stuart - ham radio links, GPS, weak signal, SSB, and related topics.

            Onigman, Barry - N1DNU - Communications technology, ham radio N1DNU

            Other Ham Radio Web Servers

            Ozaukee County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (OZARES) - Amateur Radio, Ham Radio, Emergency Management, Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES), Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES)

            Ozbirn, Danny - ham radio, weather, news, TV and more.

            PA0RCT - Rein Couperus - Links to ham related stuff. Description of contest station.

            PA3GKT - Hans van Kralingen - check out Ham radio operator Hans van Kralingen when he is online inside of his radio shack.

            Packet Connection BBS - ham radio oriented BBS serving Greenwood, SC. Contains various links and an FTP site.

            PHD Amatuer Radio Association - Kansas City MO - an ARRL Special Service Club serving the greater KC area. Club meeting information, local links, Ham links for the US and overseas and more.  

            Piner, Billy W. - Coast Guard and amateur radio (Ham KE4OBZ). Husband of Brenda and father of Marie and Quentin.

            Polk County Information - list hobbies, the model train clubs, amateur radio (Ham), and information on two major bicycle tours for this area.

            Porto Alegre's Amateur Packet-Radio Network - amateur network in Porto Alegre city joins teachers, children and researchers into the world of modern communications technology.

            PT7WB - information about ham radio in Brazil, with links and much more.

            Pulaski, Frank - The Crosier Family file with over 400 surnames. Ham Radio, Vermont, and searching the Web.

            Radio Amateur Information Network (RAIN) - audio news broadcast of ham radio topics in the ToolVox format.

            Radio Comms - Site dedicated to radio communications information, mostly CB & Amateur radio in Australia. With ham and CB repeater listings plus links to other amateur sites.

            Radio Depot - ham radio equpment, narrow band fm radios, pager systems, long range cordless telephones, repeaters, 2-way radio, radio accessories and antennas.

            Radio World - Ham Radio, Pagers, Antenna, and two-way radio supplier.

            Rainbow Amateur Radio Association - international organization for gay & lesbian ham radio enthusiasts.

            Rains, Justin - links to linux sites, ham radio sites, html help, and much more.

            Ramsey Electronics, Inc. - manufacturer of electronic test equipment, paging test equipment, kits, hobby kits, ham radio, pirate radio, and related equipment.

            Randall Phillips' Panther Page - stats, depth chart, history, draft picks, and news.

            Rapport, Steve - Original rock'n'roll photos (Springsteen, Annie Lennox, Bono, Bowie etc), comedy (The Young Ones, Monty Python) & West Ham United.

            Ravenna Amateur Radio Page - The page content has some useful appointment for italian HAM.

            Raymond Sarrio Company - search for vintage radio manuals, nicad and nimh batteries, electron tubes, and a variety of ham radio supplies.

            Regional: U.S. States: Colorado: Cities: Woodland Park: Business

            Reiser, Hansi - includes my Ham-Radio page in the hamradio/ subdirecory

            Rick, Tony - FLARC, ARRL, Yaesu, Ten-Tec, Kenwood; Ham radio.

            Riders on the Storm - Skywarn home page for North Central Texas. Weather information. Ham radio information. Storm spotting/chasing.

            Riley, Brian - Ham Radio, Packet Radio, Burlington ARC, Viet Nam Veteran, Privacy, Highlander, MacIntosh.

            Ristola, Loren - KE4JJU - my hobbies: ham radio, basic stamps, electronics, robotics. PowWow.

            Roberge, Raymond - misc. links: satellite, weather, ham radio, etc.

            Roberts, Steve - KG5QH - with ham radio links.

            Ross Family - includes family pictures, genealogy, ham radio, repeaters, poodles, interests, and mountain pictures.

            Rothlisberger, Thomas - Ham Radio Station K7WV, Anime, Bicycling, Aviation and Audiophile interests.

            R?dio Amador - Radioamadorismo no Brasil - info on ham radio activities in Brazil.

            Sam Barricklow's Storm Chasing Page - lightning, tornadoes, storms, outdoor photography, ham radio, astronomy, storm chasing, and more.

            Sandhills Technical Service - electronic service for the radio amateur. Repairs on all makes of ham radios, amplifiers and power suplies.

            SAREX Info

            Sawyer, Ralph - All New England Page - genealogy, sports, auto racing, ham radio and the Navy.

            Scanner Frequency Guide - area scanner info, and link to N9UPU ham radio page, includes links.

            Schmalzbach, Rich - Ham Radio in Barstow, Calif.

            Schmars, Ron - ham radio, r/c boats, bicycling, java games and some nice links.

            Schmidt, Mark - My fave links to the best link sites on aviation, amateur ( ham ) radio, computing, firearms and shooting sports.

            Schultz, Glenn - One of the most complete Ham Radio sites on the Net! Links, Search Engines, callsign Searches, Skywarn.

            Scott, Dale - ham radio related home page. Includes links to Seattle area information.

            Sensyu Amateur Ham Radio Club JE7YNM - Akita, Japan

            Shack Attack - products including ham radio license plaques, desktop HT radio holders, and call signs.

            Short Wave Radio Catalogue - A well linked resource for the short wave radio enthusiast.

            Siskin Electronics Ltd. - radio data communication products for the amateur radio (ham) enthusiast.


            SM0FLY - Info on ham-radio.


            Stewart Jr., James E. - Ham Radio, Amateur Radio, Cars, CP, Cerebral Palsy, Barney, Grand Island, Buffalo, New York, Greyhounds.

            Stier, Gerhard H. - i do enjoy Golf, Bridge, Computer (Internet) and Ham Radio.

            Strenk, Frank - Harley Davidson sidecar motorcycle enthusiast, ham radio, and Electrical Engineer, Power, Consultant.

            Stromberg, Paul - strom's stamps, weather, ham radio, and stuf.

            TA2CNC - Naci Kucukkaya - ham radio freeware and more; radyo Amat?rl??? ile ilgili bilgiler, yaz?l?mlar. Site is in English and Turkish. 

            Tampa Bay Wholesale Inc. - computer repair, sales of parts and equipment as well as software and ham radio equipment.

            Taylor, Les - an illusionist performing as Les' Magical Illusions; ham operator, holder of ex-class call - WA0QIT.

            TEN-TEC - Amateur radio manufacturer of ham transceivers.

            The Aurora Page

            The QRZ Ham Radio CDROM - over 750,000 names and addresses of US, Canadian, UK and Italian amateur radio licenses.

            Tucker, John Wayne - descriptions of buyer's agency, virtual tour of St. Louis, ham radio links, Christian links, and my 1965 mustang.

            Turner, Jeremy - has sports and MIDI info in addition to ham stuff.

            UNB Amateur Radio Club - 73 de VE9UNB.

            University of Central Florida Ham Radio - Resource of the amateur radio club (WB4TCW) of this university.

            University of Maryland Amateur Radio - The resource of the amateur radio association and their station - W3EAX

            Vaagan, Truls - this is a site for people who are interested in Liverpool FC, Ham Kam, Golf. Also for people that know me.

            VE2DM - Dino Moriello

            VE2GYB - Guy Boulais - Multi-lingual ham radio software for logging, beam/grid/sunrise/sunset/gray line calculation english + french documentation. world map, cities of the world, etc...

            VE4DKD - Doug Donahue - Links to Ham Pages, HTML resources, Win95

            VHF, EME, OSCAR, Beacon lists, VHF Directory

            Virtual Hamfest - An online swap meet featuring ham radio, computer and electronics classifieds, hamfest calendar, stolen radio listing and vendor links.

            VY73ES - Johann Amanshauser - newbie's web experiment and adventure in getting started in amateur/ham radio.

            W1AW Schedule

            W2SZ - Amateur Radio - New York - Radio station of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY.

            W3EAX: University of Maryland ARC

            W5PFC - Jackson Amateur Radio Club - Mississippi's oldest and largest ham radio club.

            W6BHZ: California Polytechnic ARC.

            W6YX - Stanford University - Resource of the Stanford Amateur Radio Club, Santa Clara, CA.

            W6YX: Stanford ARC.

            W8UM - Amateur Radio Club

            WA1PTC - Mike Staines - This is my personal home page. Links to Ham Radio, LOWFER and MEDFER (FCC PART 15) documents are provided as well as computer security.

            WA1SOV - Peter McNulty - Lots of Ham Radio Space related & 75 Meter AM links plus Internet Radio/TV Links

            WA2WHV - Jim Hawkins - with photos of my QTH's through the years and an antenna calculator Java applet.

            WA8LKI - Andrews University Amateur Radio Club

            Waltham Amateur Radio Association W1MHL - Waltham, MA - ham radio club.

            Warley, Steve - Weather Satellites - Ham Radio K1LJL - RC Flying

            Watters, Dennis - The Dun Muvn Farm - ham radio plus a few pix of the small farm.

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            WD8N - Michael Bell - mostly ham/amateur radio related but has many other sites. Please feel free to stop by for a visit.

            Weber, Don - motorcycle rider on Goldwings and ham radio ka7qqv. Includes info on camping, fishing and lab digital imaging.

            Welch, Phil - kb9lpp - a helpful guide for radio nerds and hams.

            West Texas Traders - buy, sell, or trade: ham radio equipment, jewelry, gold, silver, men's rolex watches, antiques, and anything of value.

            White, William - The White Pages - DMAT, ham radio, disaster team...

            White, Woody - WB4QXE's page of ham radio homebrewing and scanning electron microscope images.

            Whitley, Ron - short women, single malt scotch, baseball cards and baseball links amateur and ham radio, entertainment and news links.

            Wide World of Packet Radio - Links related to Amateur Packet Radio Networking. Emphasis is on High Speed Networking with TCP/IP via ham radio. Grapes 56KB RF Modem pages are hosted at this site.

            Willey, Mike - Mike's Aviation & Ham Radio Page

            Wood, Ken - N5YAT - ham radio, including the Grapevine and Texins amateur radio clubs. Also information about The Colony High School Marching Band, The City of The Colony, and me.

            World of Amateur Radio - Learn the basics of ham-radio and study to pass your license exams, with details of all facets of operation.

            WRVQ - FM - Richmond - FM radio station - clear channel radio.

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