L.C.R. Projects

There are currently many projects underway by the L.C.R. committee.
 As more become a little more concrete, they will also appear here.

L.C.R. Fundraisers

 Our current fundraiser is now in full swing! We now have hats for sale.
Several local businesses were kind enough to donate funds to buy the RACES hats. We would like to take a moment to thank those Businesses/Individuals for supporting the Ham community.
 For a $10.00 or more donation to L.C.R. you will receive one of our official Lubbock County RACES caps. These caps are high quality embroidered hats with the RACES logo. Available in 4 colors. All proceeds from this fundraiser will go toward buying much needed equipment for the Caprock Repeater Club Emergency Communications Trailer.

These caps can be picked up at The Jewelry Works 6405 Indiana ave in Lubbock.
Or if you can run down Clinton Thetford-N5UQF, he has some too. They will also be available at all L.C.R. and other Ham Functions..