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Manufacturers and Suppliers listed here are for information only and due not constitute and endorsement by the club.


Alinco Electronics, Inc.

Ameritron, Inc.

Artsci Publishing

A/D Technologies, Inc - repeater controllers

AAE Bandmaster Quads

Advanced Digital Systems - Georgia ham dealer

All Electronics Corp. - electronic components.

Amateur Electronic Supply ham dealer.

Code Quick

Comet/NCG Antennas

Cushcraft Antennas

Down East Microwave


Ham Radio Online Magazine

Ham Radio Outlet Stores

Ham University learning software

Hooper Electronics - Mississippi ham dealer.

ICOM America, Incorporated

Kantronics Co., Inc.

Kenwood Communications Corporation

Kenwood Communications- The Kenwood FTP sight.

Larsen Electronics

MFJ Enterprises, Inc.

Mirage Communications Equipment

PacComm Packet Radio

Periphex Batteries

Premier Communications (ADI Radios)

Radio Control Systems, Inc.

Radio Operator License Certificates

Standard Amateur Radio Products

TEN-TEC Home Page

Tigertronics, Inc.


Yaesu Home Page


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