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Meeting People with Ham Radios

Many believe the first ham radio message was broadcasted in 1901 and sent from Newfoundland to England. With that transmission the culture of the amateur radio operator was born.

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Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS)—Proud, Professional, Ready

Morse Code Enthusiasts

Care for a brand-new type of "Hand Key"? George K5TR sent this neat video of a keyless way of sending CW. A commercial version is also available from . Now - add one more ring and make it a paddle. Use Zigbee as a wireless link to the keyer itself. No wires. No more chasing the paddle around the desk. No more moving your hands off the keyboard during a fast run.

Morse Code Guide

A complete guide to morse code

Morse Code Patterns

Kristen Haring, "How to Knit a popular History of Media"

If you love Morse code, don't miss this unusual video in which Kristen Haring talks about knitting in Morse code patterns.

She wrote a book a few years back called "Ham Radio's Technical Culture" which many radio amateurs hated, but I found unusual and quite interesting. Thanks to W0PV for the tip:

Written by Kristen Haring

From OHSTcolloquia - Nov 4, 2011

Museums of History

National Museum of American History —

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