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ACD Telecom—Leader in Public Safety

Alert Radio System—Amateur Licensed Emergency Radio Team

Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network (AREDN)

There is more information at:

Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES)

Amateur (Ham) Radio in the 21st Century

By Doug Grant, K1DG—November 4, 2011/listed at EDN network

Amateur (Ham) Radio Maidenhead Grid Square
Locator Map  by K2DSL on Levinecentral

Amateur Radio Newsline's official website

Listen to their latest Audio Newsline at:

Amateur (Ham) Radio Resource Guide1

Listed at Answer Connect

Amateur (Ham) Radio Resource Guide 2

Posted by admin, January 17, 2013/Listed at Article Myriad

Amateur (Ham) Radio Resources—Scanners

WX4NHC Amateur Ham Radio at the National Hurricane Center:

Amateur Radio Tools by Dean Gibson

Consists of — Lookup callsign histories & applications, available Amateur Extra callsigns, vanity callsign predictions, and more. Go to

The NW7US Amateur and Shortwave Radio Command Center

Your resource center for shortwave listening and amateur radio propagation, news, dx, education, and more at: by Tomas Hood, NW7US

AMSAT—Amateur Radio in Space

AMSAT-UK—Radio Amateur Satellites

Radio to soundcard interface to Receive Satellite SSTV

Antenna Fundamentals

WC7I Web page — The real purpose of this site is
Antenna Fundamentals for the Beginner.  The WC7I website contains lots of stuff that is not organized into one subject so there are several options for you to choose at:

VE7BQH Antenna Comparison Tables

Over the last quarter century, antenna performance has improved dramatically. Thanks to the development of computer modeling software, antennas can now be designed  to provide excellent results. For more in-depth detail go to:

Antenna Project—The Vertical Compromise

A TWO ELEMENT PHASED VERTICAL HF ANTENNA SYSTEM (Original work done in Summer 1972) By speaker Tom Rothwell-K6ZT.

For more information, click at:

Antenna Project—Videos

Antenna/Radio manufactures


Antenna Solutions—with Low Band

Guy Olinger, K2AV has been instrumental in the design and implementation of highly innovative and efficent Low Band Antenna projects that have been field trialed and installed for permanent use at WØUCE and other stations. Examples and details of several projects are available at:

Antennas—Sponsored by

Check out their web site at 

Antenna System/Home brewers

For antenna system home-brewers, Ron KK1L has published and his design for a two-radio/six-antenna switch similar to the popular WX0B "Six Pak" .

(Thanks, Al, KE1FO)

Antenna Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting antenna and feeder problems by Tony Lymer, Satori Technology Ltd. - RF Designline:


Automatic Position Reporting System - APRS 

ARRL—10 GHz and Above Contest
 2014 Results

by Bruce Richardson W9FZ 

ARRL—Affiliated Clubs located at

ARRL—American Radio Relay League Service

Is your number one source for everything concerning Amateur Radio:

ARRL—Free Exam Review for Ham Radio

Welcome to the ARRL Exam Review for Ham Radio. Click on link for more detail at:

Releast by the ARRL on 05/14/2014 


ARRL—Contest Calendar:

ARRL—Contest Update Issues

Current issues at

ARRL—License Education and Training

ARRL—Log book of the World

ARRL — The National Association for Amateur Radio


QNI - The Independent Newsletter for Amateur Radio Traffic Handlers

ARRL—Southwestern Division Amateur Radio Conventions

The ARRL Southwestern Division Amateur Radio Convention is held each year in a four year cycle. The cycle is at Los Angeles — HAMCON, then to the Phoenix, AZ area, next it is held in Riverside, then in San Diego, and then back to the Los Angeles area.

The Southwestern Division encompasses Southern California and all of Arizona.
This is an official A merican R adio R elay L eaguer Convention:

ARRL—Southwestern Division Sections

Are composed of Delegates, who appoint new Delegates once a year. The Delegates represent their own Amateur Radio Club organizations, in Southern California, they are:

ARRL—W1AW Operating Schedule

More information at:

ARRL—Welcome to the QST Home Page!

Rely on QST as your source for equipment reviews, clever technical tips, projects, and timely happenings. Go to

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