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Stolen Items Reported 04/08/2013

Received April 10, 2013

STOLEN ITEMS Reported April 8, 2013 To the ham radio community, My garage was recently burglarized. They took a crate of ham radio equipment worth over $3,000 that was being packed for the upcoming “Baker To Vegas event.”  Please click here for more information. 

Counterfeit Icom products

Received January 9, 2013

Icom America acknowledges that counterfeit Icom products are in circulation and is diligently taking measures to eliminate illegal counterfeiting activity.

Fake Icom products do not meet regulatory or technical compliance, offer faulty performance and may cause extreme safety hazards (e.g. explosive battery packs). Icom urges customers to purchase Icom radios from an Authorized Icom Dealer or an Authorized Icom Distributor. Locate an Authorized Dealer.

Counterfeiters are relying on Icom's excellent reputation for quality to manufacture, sell and distribute unauthorized products bearing the Icom ("ICOM") trademark. Counterfeit items are illegal and may physically resemble genuine Icom products. Counterfeit radios also include Icom-branded products with similar product names and model numbers, but do not exist in Icom's current product range.

Icom values its customers and ask that they verify sellers as Authorized Icom Dealers before purchasing. Customers can also refer to the following webpages for instructions on how to identify counterfeit radios:

Counterfeit Product Alert

Alert for Unauthorized Icom Trademark Use Products

Consumers are advised that Icom is not responsible and will not be liable for any damages, loss or injury resulting from the purchase or use of fake Icom radios, batteries and other counterfeit products. Icom is not obligated to offer any technical support of counterfeit products.

If customers suspect that a product is counterfeit, please contact a local Authorized Icom Dealer or email Icom America at

Icom America News Release

Important Warning - Very Real Bottle Bombs

Received February 27, 2012

Plastic soda bottles left in unsuspecting residents' yards may be bottle bombs. Please go to:

Safety Alert:

I just saw the following from an FBI open-source report. It suggests caution by rovers and portable ops in the mountains of western Arizona.


Marty N6VI

Cartels using Ariz. mountaintops to spy on cops.

Federal drug agents say Mexican cartel surveillance teams have set up observation posts on most of the mountain-tops in the Arizona west desert area, from the Mexican border to Phoenix more than 100 miles north.

Most of that land sits inside the Tohono O'odham Indian reservation, which is the size of Connecticut, but is sparsely populated by 20,000 residents.

Officials sad in recent years they have seen a dramatic rise in drug smuggling cases on Tohona O'odham land, attributing it to law enforcement crackdowns in others areas of the border, which have forced Mexican smugglers to increase activities in the remote tribal lands that border Mexico.

In the last few years, officials have seized hundreds of tons of marijuana there, along with a smattering of other illicit drugs, and have seen a rise in related crimes. Supporting the smugglers who cross the barren desert on foot or in vehicles, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) age.

NTS said, is a small army of Mexican spotters hired by the cartels to climb the mountains, watch out for police and help coordinate illegal drug shipments.

Stolen Equipment - AES Las Vegas:

Received 2009 or 2010

We have had it brought to our attention that the AES store in Las Vegas was broken into this past weekend and equipment stolen. Please be on the lookout for anything matching the descriptions and/or serial numbers in the attached list. If you find anything or hear of something please contact your local police or sheriff department and have them contact the Las Vegas Metro Police Department with the information.

Joy Matlack, KD6FJV


DENNIS KIDDER - I am forwarding this at the request of Luke at AES but I am including more than he asked for. If we all look, maybe we will find some information to forward back to help catch someone.

Dennis Kidder, W6DQ 

Missing Radio from the Reno area:

Date: April 19, 2009

Friday June 19 2009 I was running errands in Lemon Valley shopping center in the Reno, NV area and I became aware that I was missing my Kenwood VHF amateur two way radio, KENWOOD THF6A serial# A9400160, value $319.95.

If you come across the radio, please contact me by PHN at 775-379-1565 or email me at:

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