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Next HAMCON 2015 meeting is January 10th

More information below <MEETING SCHEDULES>.

The California Statewide Medical And Health Exercise Program:

November 20, 2014 There is more information at

Next LAACARC meeting is January 6th

More information below <MEETING SCHEDULES>.


We are the Los Angeles Area Council of Amateur Radio Clubs, anon-profit organization comprised of delegates representing their respective amateur radio clubs in Los Angeles County (CA)

We share ideas For making better amateur radio clubs. We discuss membership drives, news about amateur radio public service events, speakers For club meetings, sponsoring the large HAMCON convention every four years, and other issues of in portance to ham clubs such as liability risk management and antenna restrictions.

Organized in 1933, the Los Angeles Area Council of Amateur Radio Clubs has met continuosly to Further  the interests of ham radio clubs in Los Angeles County. If your club is not a member, incourage it to join the LAACARC.

Our meetings are the first Tuesday of every other month starting in January. If the meeting falls on a holiday, the date may change by a week.

The Council is supported by annual dues of $20.00 paid by each member club, which selects their delegate and an alternate. Our territory is all of but only Los Angeles County. The function of the Council is to spearhead progress on issues affecting radio amateurs in the Los Angeles Section of the ARRL Southwestern Division.

For example,
The Council provided guidance and input in achieving a ham-friendly antenna ordinance for the unincorporated areas of the county.

That ordinance is being used as a guide for numerous city ordinances under consideration.




LAACARC Council meeting:


Diana Feinberg just received confirmation from James Murakami that the Toyota Museum has other commitments, so he was able to get Wednesday, October 29th, as the date for our next LAACARC meeting.

Again! The next LAACARC meeting is January 6, 2015 (Wednesday) starts at 07:30 p.m. till 08:45 p.m. (Building closes at 9p.m.) in the Toyota Museum, North Torrance. The address is 19600 Van Ness Avenue, Torrance 90501.

It's about 1/2 mile south of 190th street in a rather new warehouse-type building on the west facing side of the street (across the street from a storage tank in the refinery area).  It is in the building just before the light to enter the Prologs warehouse facility and you can turn in at the north driveway by the museum or turn in at the traffic light and go back north to the end of the building where the entrance is.

Arriving a few minutes early will allow attendees to tour the museum.

Some of us will meet for dinner prior at around 06:00 p.m. at Norm's Restaurant located at 18705 Hawthorne Blvd., Torrance CA 90501 on the southbound side just south of 182nd street.  It's located about 10 minutes from the museum.

This map shows directions from Norm's Restaurant to Toyota Museum.
Hope to see you all there,


HAMCON 2015 Planning meeting:

Next HAMCON meeting is set for January 10, 2015 (Sat) 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
LOCATION: Colonial Kitchen Restaurant, 1110 Huntington Drive, San Marino (just east of Los Robles Ave.) This restaurant has ample free parking in its own lot as well as on-street 2-hour parking in front.
Click on Map

NOTE: November 1 is our final HAMCON meeting for 2014. We all need to attend this one.




  • Chair ----------- Diana Feinberg, AI6DF
  • Vice Chair ---- James Murakami, KI6UPL
  • Treasurer ----- Margie Hoffman, KG6TBR
  • Secretary ----- Richard Sherwood, N6RU


New Age Public Service opportunities and
sources of Amateur Radio Information

Kaiser Permanente Amateur Radio Network:

Kaiser Peremante Hospitals is looking for Hams that work the 6 meter and 40 meter HF bands to support the Emergency Preparedness Mission of Kaiser Peremante Health System through out So. Cal. and state wide.

If interested, check in on their net on the fourth Wednesday of each month from 1215-1300hrs. Pacific Time. Frequency 51.92 -0.5Mhz

Tone 131.8 Hz. repeater system, also 40 Meters HF net (typically at 1245 Hrs.) 7.28 Mhz.

For more information, go to - Flyer

Altadena Local Emergency Radio Team (ALERT):

Altadena Local Emergency Radio Team (ALERT) conducts a net every Monday night at 8 p.m. (2000 hours) on the Telco repeater, 145.180 MHz, minus shift, 156.7 PL. All licensed Amateurs with an interest in emergency communications are welcome to participate. Contact for additional information is Nancee Darling, K8NBD, email .

Los Angeles Emergency Communication Team (LAECT):

The Los Angeles Emergency Communication Team (LAECT) conducts a simplex net Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. (2000 hours) on 446.500 MHz. All licensed Amateurs with an interest in emergency communications are welcome to participate. Contact for additional information is Kevin Rolly, K1KMO, email .

ARESLAX Northeast, in cooperation with LAECT:

ARESLAX Northeast, in cooperation with LAECT, conducts an Activity Day the fourth Saturday of each month from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The location is West Conference Rooms 5 and 6 (adjacent to the Cafeteria) at Huntington Hospital in Pasadena. These meetings are informal educational sessions open to all individuals interested in Amateur Radio, with an emphasis on emergency communications. Topics discussed are suggested by the participants. I am the contact for additional information. As an example, attached is a pdf of the flyer for this Saturday's Activity Day.

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like more information.

Gary S. Wong-W6GSW can be reached at email

Los Angeles Emergency Communications Team:

Northeast District, Los Angeles Section "Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES)"

W6GSW-10 | Winlink RMS Packet gateway
145.050 MHz | 1200 baud | DM04WB

The Radio Baker2Vegas W7RBV Site:

We are the official Baker to Vegas Challenge Cup Relay Communications site. We provide all of the official communications information for Baker2Vegas. For more information, please go to

The Rally Volunteer Website:

Site contains links for various road rallies throughout the year in the USA.

Dirty Feet Productions-Trail Events:

Dirty Feet Productions was founded in 2007 after creation of Orange County's first ever 50/50 ultra marathon - The Twin Peaks 50/50.

Dirty Feet was originally launched to fill the niche of ultra distance trail runs that were not offered at the time in Orange County.

More information found at:


For club tour groups, contact Douglas Dowds, W6HB/NI6BB at email
or click here for more information.

Ham Radio History Request:

I'm looking for some historical information about ham radio in LA in 1971. In particular, HF links going to San Jose.

It seems like a strange request, but the younger hams these days don't work HF and I know back then there were a lot of Nets people would check in to (I don't know if they exist still or if they have declined over time or are as active as in the 60s and 70s). Personally, I lack a lot of HF knowledge since I became a ham to do AMSAT stuff. Any information, including possible ARES/MARS work in the LA and southern California to San Jose area would be great.

Thank you,
Chris KJ4DO
Christian Rodriguez,

How to get your club news in front of
ARRL Members in the Los Angeles Area:

The ARRL LAX Section Management team prepares the ARRL LAX Newsletter. The newsletter will be distributed to all ARRL members in the Los Angeles area. FULL STORY (changed to a PDF file for printing).



K5RC WEB PORTAL IS DEVOTED TO HAM RADIO: Tom Taormina has been an active Amateur Radio Operator since 1959. His life-long avocation has taken him half-way around the world and has been a major influence in the course of his life. This web site is devoted to sharing Tom's rich experiences and triumphs with others who share his passion for personal excellence and international goodwill. For more information, click on his web site at 



By Doug Grant, K1DG - November 4, 2011—


  Montclair, Rancho Cucamonga and Upland ACS/ARES: Monday Net.7:00 PM 147.300 MHz (+) PL123 Contact Mike Albertson KD6GWO,, 909-908-5544

  ARES- Northeast LA. County. Thurs. 8pm 147.360MHz (+) PL100. or 446.940MHz (-) PL100.

  GEARS (Glendora) Tues. 7pm 144.950Mhz RCV. PL 141.3 (see the Repeater Directory for offset).

  GERC (Glendora LDS) Tues. 8pm 146.715Mhz Simplex.

  Satern (Salvation Army, S.B. County) Sun. 8pm, 146.385Mhz+ PL146.2.




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