Picture from my QTH, December 1999.
Another picture from my QTH, December 1999

Antenna-crash in January 1994

Antenna-crash in January 1994 at QTH of LA7JO-Stig_Picture 1
It seems like most of the times I've taken pictures of some of my antennas, they have just crashed down. Hi. Hi.
I guess I need to find some pictures of "well antennas".

Antenna-crash in January 1994 at QTH of LA7JO-Stig_Picture 2

In the front, remainds of my 40 meter cranckup tower, with a KLM 4 element 40 m. monobander, which blew down in 1997.
Looking towards north, up to the 38 meter high main tower (in crankdown position).
KLM KT-34XA at the top, with a tailtwister T2X rotator.
Up in the left corner of the picture you can see the lower end of 80 meter vertical.

Another look at the 40 meter YAGI cranckup tower.
We have extreme winds here at the high north.

Well, it's all repaired and built up again.
View downhill towards south-east.
In the picture:
LA7JO Stig and son Giovanni.

Looking due south, down the hill.
The lake downhill is located approx. 80 meter below the hilltop, where I have my QTH.