Welcome to LA5KO Homepage

My name is Roy. I was born in 1954 and I was licenced in 1970.

I am proud to be a life member of LA1K Akademisk Radioklub and to be a member of LACC LA Contest Club.

Current activity is from LA9Z/LN9Z 

I was participant on the LA Contest Club DXpedition to North Caicos for CQ WW SSB Contest 2000, activating VP5/LA5KO prior to the contest and VP5L Multi Single high power during the contest. VP5L won a plaque for Best DXpedition and a plaque for # 1 in Caribean / Central America and was totally # 3 in the World.

QSL cards for year 2000 operation of VP5L and VP5/LA5KO are OK via bureau and direct to my address:

Roy Almedal LA5KO, Karjolveien 28, N-3531 Krokkleiva, Norway. 

Here is an old picture of me from 1999

Last updated: 15th February 2013