KY6MTR 2 & 6 Meter FM Repeater EchoLink Burnside Somerset

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Somerset - Receive Site under construction. - Burnside
Open Echolink: Online Six Meter Repeater~~!! Feel free to connect anytime
This 6M repeater is here to have fun with thats "Ham Radio Right" We have no
tone input on any Six meter VHF/Link 6m receive site UHF Receivers,any
band conditions on either your going to hear DX. You can connect and
not say nothing if you wish, if your looking for rules well they
aren't any if your smart enough to have echolink just
link on and enjoy.

Node:821290 KY6MTR-R
Active: 24/7/365 EST

How To set-up for

Link..Loads of info about

Don't get caught Up in power gain.

Dealing with FM (5 kHz deviation), it should also be noted that doubling your ERP
(effective radiated power) will not magically double your coverage distance.
In fact, it takes an increase of nearly 10 times (i.e.: 50 watts to 500!)
to double the distance covered, all else being equal. And even that
isn't a given due to variances in surrounding terrain.

KY6MTR Working toward Deploying a rare split-site 6-meter repeater system~~~!!!
Internet Echolink Linked to any Ham repeater in the world Node:821290.
Transmit RF Site UP and operational W/Robotic HAL 9000 Voice ID.
6 Meter RF Receive Site 52.03 mhz FM VHF-UHF-FM
Vertical link to Six Meter transmit site.

Transmitt Location 300 foot above Burnside Island.
Odd-Ball Split Site RF and Internet Repeater.
Alien Signals from Deepspace Radio Astronomy
large dish antenna over rides all link receive signals.
Azden RF Package Installed.

Technical Information 2014
KY6MTR 6m Repeater Computer Technical Specifications
Manufacturer Gateway Corporation
Processor Intel Pentium 4 4.0 GHz
Memory 2GB PC-100 Ram
Hard Drive Capacity 5400RPM 80GB HDD, 2MB Cache
Operating System Windows XP Service Pack 3
Controller Signalink USB
Controller #2 Conversion ST-853 SmarTrunk 2
Echolink Software
Echoproducer Software
Echolink State ON (Currently)
Distance Odd Split Receive site 52.03 mhz Off (Currently)
Local Transmitter site link Receivers 441.4 & 1294.5 mhz NFM On (Currently)
Access Delay Time 1.1 Seconds
Echolink Delay Time 1.4 Seconds
KY6MTR 6m Repeater Technical Specifications
Internet Cable
Speed Fast
Current Power Output at PA Deck 65 Watts
Current Power Output to Antenna 60 Watts
Maximum Power 100 Watts
Antenna Make & Model Sirio toronado 5/8 5060 plus
Antenna Radiation Pattern Omni
Antenna Gain 6dBd / 8.1 dBi
Current Effective Radiated Power 200 Watts


what you say on KY6MTR 6 Meter 53.03 mhz FM
someone on Alpha Centauri might be listening.

6 meters is about 100 times less popular than 2 meters.

RATED Number 1 The Best 6m FM Radio Ever Made Azden PCS-7500H

I've had the Azden since sometime in the early 1990's, operating it as a fixed station rig. The Azden PCS-7500H is a 6m FM transceiver the greatest 6 meter FM radio ever maded with a whopping price of $530.00 usd in the 1990's, it has 20 memories (10 in each memory 'bank'). It has a very odd method of programming CTCSS tones, requiring the use of a code cross reference list from the owner's manual each time, and one must set the rx & tx tones separately (PCS-5000 2M works the same way) Regular MFJ microphone will work fine if not better than the push button microphone and you can do all the programing with the front panel buttons on the Azden, you don't need the push button microphone to program the radio. It produces 5 watts on low transmit 50 watts on high With a built in fan thats very quite and only comes on when the unit heats up, with a outstanding receiver.

Azden PCS-7500H

Worlds best 6 Meter repeater 3/4 wave Rehad J-Pole antenna at 53.03 FM Mhz Made Out Of Crutches!

Building My J-Pole started when I spotted some crutches right then and there the Rehad J-POLE was borned. I wasn't going to spend another 200 usd for a 6 Meter ground plane that I wasn't happy with [Diamond].. I wasn't going to spend one penny for this antenna.. In the past building any kind of 6M antenna I never had any luck doing so.. This one went smooth no problems and it loaded up 1:1 at 53.03 FM 6M repeater band..Its tall 14' plus but easy to handle and you can put it anywhere.. You have to be 6' away from any objects.. Diagrams to build.. Do a search for 6m J-Poles.. You will find all kinds.. Don't bother with the five turn coils on your co-ax that is nothing but asking for pure trouble, connect your 50 ohm co-ax directly to the J-Pole..

The J-Pole antenna can be best described as a wave section over a wave vertical with a wave matching stub. The 2 quarter wave sections at the base of the antenna run parallel to each other. The current in the one section will be out of phase of the other, keeping that section of the antenna from radiating. The remaining half wave section will radiate extremely well since there is no counteracting field to keep it from radiating. As a half wave antenna, the J-Pole doesn't need any radials or a ground plane to work. Average gain with a 6 meter J-Pole on 52-54 MHz FM is about 3 db others have reported a 6 db gain. The biggest advantage of the J-Pole is that it is at DC ground and that can save your radio from burned pin holes in the RF Receiver Transistors, and it can be mounted just about anywhere and still work. No special grounding or a ground plane is necessary for operation.

I owned the 6M Diamond 5/8 wave collinear verticals, and its "okay," but trust me, its not a great antenna. The 3/4 wave J-Pole may very well outperform it showing a full "S" unit over the Diamond on receive.

I can confirmed that the j-pole is slightly directional, It's something on the order of one "S" Units favoring the side the matching stub points to [Large element is the driven, Shorter element is the matching stub] and the signal goes in the direction of that stub. The better performance is probably an effect of having 50% more metal in the air over most ground planes -- it has a larger aperture, so it will both radiate and intercept more energy. But for all intents and purposes, it's an omni antenna. Be sure to connect the co-ax center wire to the longer driven element.

Homemade rehad 6M J-Pole

The 50 year Old Big Gun 6 Meter
52-52 Mhz FM Quad 4 Element

For Top Gain: You must have the long boom on 6 meters FM. The big gun, has the longest boom,and the tightest frontal lobe of its type. All others have shorter booms and therefore less gain, it is positively the most powerful antenna of its type. Extremely directional, you point it directly at the signal on receive or you don't hear it. Ideal for cutting down on interference. Genuine Diamond FM quad construction for proven superior performance. You get 14.5 db power gain, 38.7 db F/B ratio, forward gain 18 db. VSWR at resonance 1.2:1..

You either love a Quad or you hate them. I've heard of Quads stacked, UFO matchng devices, and some with weird fitted, bed springs. Depending on who's telling the story, they might have more gain than a yagi on a helicopter at 1200 feet, or they won't reach a hand-held across the backyard. I try to make it a personal point to stay out of these CB University fences. You can put a "Diople" on it, you can even place a "tutu" on the Quad, but the truth is, it remains a Quad.

Four element Quad gives the highest gain to size ratio of any type of beam in existence on Six Meters. If you go more than 4 elements the gains are negligible, less than 4 elements and you could have a bit less than you get with 4 elements. These are the simple reasons I recommend the four element wide-space quad.

CLICK FOR LARGER PHOTO..Quad six Meter wide spaced Big Gun.. 50 years old.. rebuilt 2012 and now on the air..

Fifty Year Old Telex 11 element Heavy
69' Long-Monster Six Meter [Spiral-Ray] Beam

The trick restoring my 6m Yagi!!! My aim was to optimise the 6m Monster wide spaced beam 20 db 100X 11 Elements 9 69' boom [Sriral-Ray] design over upper frequency range, 52.000 to 54.000 MHz. The [Spiral-Ray] 6-meter beam is designed to work on the 50-51 MHz SSB narrow bandwidth cirular Horizonal Scatter. In electrodynamics, circular polarization of an electromagnetic wave is a polarization in which the electric field of the passing wave does not change strength but only changes direction in a rotary type manner invariably sacrifice forward gain and pattern quality for Scatter.

My mod of making the Telex 6m beam for vertical FM with a slight left - right curcular wave pattern with the main focus on Vertlal polarization for wider SWR 1:1 bandwidth 52 - 54 mhz seen to work best after looking at FM Radio broadcasting stations antennas , It must be inside secret they are all broadcasting Circular Polarization for mobile and home FM receivers. When optimising a design over a 52 - 54 mhz FM bandwidth on Six meters, fewer elements are needed. As long as you have a certain minimum number, Yagi forward gain is determined by boom length, not element count. Elements added to the interior of this design won't increase its gain. They will increase the bandwidth over which the pattern and SWR remain good, but this vertical design adequately covers the high end of the 6 meter FM Band. The long [Spiral-Ray] 6m 11 element Beam has a perfect 1:1 match.

CLICK FOR LARGER PHOTO..Monster 6 m beam


If you have a TV with a cable TV tuner in it. Even new cable ready digital TV's are required by FCC Rule 15.118(b) to have analog NTSC cable channels in them also. Cable channels 57 to 60 are the same frequency as the most popular 70cm ATV band, 420-450 MHz. If there is an ATV repeater or close by ATVer in your area, you might see something by connecting your cable ready TV to a 70cm antenna on the roof.


David's Home Live Online Broadcast

For Lack of interest this ATV Repeater system
has been moved to online live~~!!

Six Meter Vertical Antenna

Larsen NMO150 or Ebay Clones
Some may not be aware that a 5/8 wave 2 meter
antenna works great on 6 meters FM as a 1/4 wave.

A 5/8 wave 2M antenna will work as a base-loaded 1/4 wave on 6M
provided it isn't DC grounded. The Larsen NMO150 isnt
and it works well. Even on a 6m HT walkie talkie
with a case 54" trailing ground plane wire.

Rule of thumb is doubling antenna elevation at VHF produces about
6 dB gain or two full S-Units.

Some Thoughts on Repeater Performance and the Isolation Between Receiver and Transmitter
I've my past experence with a 6 meter repeater w/duplexer I understand why most 6m repeaters have limited range because of the duplexer loss and the repeater is idle for years with no one using it.

My six meter repeater will be a split site utilizing a UHF link between them with about a 10 mile separation between the High power transmitter and a very good receiver w/pre-amp.

It will take a half-mile to get 60db isolation at 6 meters, and twice that to get 6db more. The receive and transmitter range will be much greater and really performed better than 2 meters or 440..

"No one person" can keep a 6 meter split-sight system operating, as it is too wide spread and requires fine tuning. If you can't find at least ten six meter enthusiast to help and maintain the large expensive system, Then your dream project will be doom from the start..

Like to hear from you email address listed belowFree online html Ebook nothing required to read it.


It is an old wives' tale

"That the tuner accomplishes nothing between the tuner and the antenna."

In a lossless system, a tuner achieves a conjugate match at the antenna
thus effecting maximum available power transfer into the VERTICAL antenna,
it would ideally effect that condition by increasing the forward power
at the antenna to SIX watts higher per 100 watts than the output of the amp.

Never under estimate the power of your antenna tuner with a vertical Ground Plane~~!!

Test done on vertical CB antenna 15' W/15' ground planes and the bottom load remove
making it a straight 15' dipole with a 1:7 to 1:1 match then
connected to a MFJ Tuner on 20m,10m,6m and it worked
very good as a all band Shortwave DX Antenna.

I am a licensed USA amateur radio operator (General Class)

As such at 2.4 ghz, I am legally allowed to use Maximum Transmitter Power Output (TPO) of 100 watt or 50dBm. in channels 1 through 6 (inclusive) as long as i don't interfer with anyone. Since my access point is a WRT54G Linksys WiFi (22mw) RF power and receive system. I will not be running under amateur radio license, if i was then the site must comply with amateur radio rules, you can not use WEP encryption, must enable SSID, communicate with at least one other licensed ham, and broadcast your callsign. This site is operating under the Wifi ISM rules that are allowed to use encryption, but are also restricted to no more than 36dBm (4 watts ERP).

A Web Site For Tinkers.. This is a site dedicated to Ham Radio. If you are into Microwave, UHF, or VHF operation, I trust the information presented will be of interest. The ideals contained on this web site are based on my experience and needs. Your experience and needs may be different than mine. The ideals and hardware listed on this site are for your pleasure, and are not personal endorsements. I am not reimbursed for their appearance, and the opinions expressed about them are mine alone. The exclusion of any company or product is strictly coincidental. The names, brands, model numbers, logos, features, and products appearing herein are registered trademarks and/or copyrights of their respective companies.

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