2.4 GHz Helix Antenna Feed

The heart of any antenna is the active element at the feed point. For a dish antenna and circular polarization, a helix makes a good element.

Here are some pictures of how I built my own to go along with the Drake downconverter (blue box visible in some of these pictures).

The reflector is a piece of sheet aluminum, crudely cut into a circle then spun on my drill press to make it pretty.

The helix is #12 copper wire, wound around a 36mm socket.

To reduce feed line losses at 2.4 GHz, the downconverter is connected directly to the feed point.

The reflector (front)

The reflector (rear) and Drake

Square hole for support tube


Helix to be soldered to "pip" peeking through

The helix, in all its glory

Note the brass matching section

Rigging it up for mounting



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