Radio Stores In Japan 

This is the enterence to Rocket, the biggest ham radio store in Akihabara.

Lots of HF rigs...

Need a mobile antenna...?

No, these gems are not for sale.  This is the radio museum section of the Rocket store.

Antenna and tower display inside the store.

Now THIS is the way to display mobile antennas!

Fuji-Musen Radio Store

But, by far, the cooooooollllllist thing in Akihabara, the NEC Video Fish.
This is not an aquarium, it's a TV with a cartridge of a video clip of a fish swiming around
in an aquarium.  The case has two columns of water with bubbles to enhance the
effect.  There are over a dozen video cartridges with jellyfish, squid, goldfish and
all kinds of other seacreatures so the concept of "channel surfing" has a whole new
meaning!  They only downside is the $4000 price tag!

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