The KI7T Radio Room

Just about every picture you see of someone's radio room shows a nice clean desk with everything arranged in perfect order. I'm bettin' that 99% of the time the room doesn't look like that. In the course of everday use, there arises some clutter. So, in that spirit, here are some pictures of the KI7T radio room. No attempt was made to make it look pretty. I just decided to take pictures of the room "as is".

This is the operating position. The main equipment includes a Kenwood TS690 to the left of the keyboard, an Eldico 1000 watt amplifier at the right end of the table, and a Swan 500CX in the middle of the shelf.

This is the north wall storage shelves, wih the operating postion to the right.

Here is a view of the east and north walls. You see the workbench and storage shelves.