We suggest you use the original carton and packing Styrofoam end caps

If original box is not available, wrap the radio with multiple layers of bubble wrap and place into a box.

Next, you need a slightly larger box with about 3 inches of spare space in all directions

Fill the bottom of the box with 3 inch's of Styrofoam peanuts. Set the radio/box in place and fill the rest of the
space with the peanuts

You must double box the radio in this manner for the insurance to be valid for both Fed Ex and UPS

Place a note with your name, callsign, return shipping address, phone number and e-mail.

I will not be responsible for damage caused by improper packaging while being handled by the shippers,
please insure your package for the estimated value.

NOTE: Please do not send power supplies, Mic's or DC power cords or additional accessories, unless they are
related to the problem you are experiencing. 
If you are sending a 200 watt FT-1000MP Mark 5 , I do NOT need the power supply or DC cable. 

After servicing your radio it will be returned by Fed Ex, unless your prefer another shipper