Course Syllabus - Technician License Class

Each week, the class is divided into three periods, each about 40 minutes long.
The first period concerns Regulations & Practices.
The second period will deal with technical issues.
The third period is normally a demonstration time.

The chapter references refer to chapters in "Now You're Talking" (Fifth Edition), published by ARRL, available at HAM Radio Outlet (HRO), 8400 E. Iliff Ave #9, or online at or I will have a small supply of the manuals the first few weeks of the class. Please note that the questions on the test have changed and so has the book. Make sure you get the Fifth (5th) edition!

Week #1 - Wednesday, 21 Sep 2005 7-9pm
Introduction to class - Terry, KI0RE
Chapter 7 - Basic Communications Electronics – Don, KC0FGB

DEMO = Assembling an Amateur Radio Station – Bill, WA0BND

Week #2 - Wednesday, 28 Sep 2005 7-9pm
Chapter 1 - Federal Communications Commission’s Rules – Jim, N0VLE
Chapter 7 - Basic Communications Electronics – Don, KC0FGB

DEMO = Current and Ohm's Law -

Week #3 - Wednesday, 5 Oct 2005 7-9pm
Chapter 2 - Methods of Communication – Bill, WA0BND
Chapter 8 - Good Engineering Practices – Phil, AB0JR

DEMO = Capacitance, Coils, and the Model T Ford ignition system – Phil, AB0JR

Week #4 - Wednesday, 12 Oct 2005 7-9pm
Chapter 3 - Radio Phenomena – Perk, N0BCX
Chapter 8 - Good Engineering Practices – Charles, AB0DT

DEMO = Gordon Brunson's, KC0VC, wave tank and resonance – Terry, KI0RE

Week #5 - Wednesday, 19 Oct 2005 7-9pm
Chapter 5 - Control Operator Duties -

Chapter 4 - Station Licensee Duties -
Chapter 9 - Special Operations -

DEMO = Resistance & Load – Don, KC0FGB

Week #6 - Wednesday, 26 Oct 2005 - 7-9pm
Chapter 6 - Good Operating Practices -
Chapter 10 - Electrical, Antenna Structure and RF Safety Practices-
Logistics of taking the test the next week - Terry, KI0RE

Week #7 - Wednesday, 02 Nov 2005 - 7-9pm
Backup Date and optional review session. Use this date any way you like!

Week #8 - Wednesday, 09 Nov 2005 - 7pm TESTING!!!
Volunteer Examiners will be administering the tests at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints building in Louisville, Colorado. The building is at the corner of Washington Street and South Boulder Road, in Louisville, CO. Don't forget the $14 testing fee and two forms of ID including a picture ID. GOOD LUCK!

Minor changes will occur at times and this syllabus will be altered to reflect those changes. The location of this page is and was last modified as of 5 Sep 05. Terry Moore, KI0RE, 303-465-3233

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