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ON TARGET is a national Varsity Scout special high adventure event scheduled for the third Saturday in July each year. Varsity Scout teams will choose mountains to climb (or drive to or ride to). From there, they use mirrors to signal each other. Each team communicates with , and confirms mirror flash sightings to, other teams using Amateur radio (HAMs). The contacts are plotted on a map to see how many other teams each team can contact and how far the mirror flashes can be relayed.

If you are a HAM and would like to help out, please contact the ON TARGET HAM Coordinator for Colorado , in some form or fashion.
Here are the many and varied ways to do that. I am: 

Terry Lee Moore, KI0RE Home 303-465-3233
3183 W 12th Ave Ct Work 720-406-4260
Broomfield, CO 80020-6760 ki0re@qsl.net

If I'm not home leave a message or call my pager if it is urgent. (888-657-2458). Also, you are welcome to call my cell phone at 720-839-3067.

For other questions about ON TARGET in Colorado, but not related to HAM radio please contact
the ON TARGET Coordinator for Colorado, Gordon Russell, 303-469-0010. Here are his numbers 

Gordon Russell Home 303-469-0010
1383 Ben Nevis Ave Fax 303-469-0020
Broomfield, CO 80020 gruss09@aol.com

More info about ON TARGET in Utah and online HAM registration . These are the authorities for ON-Target information. Please register there and then  send email to me for Colorado participants. On-Target is one of those events that you set a goal to make and then work toward it.  Take the time now to consider serving at this event.  You will need to prepare.  Some climbs are tough.  Some are easy.   But when you actually DO IT!, you will be glad you made the effort.  We need YOU!