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For your "Clicking" enjoyment visit any of the following links to your favorite sports team. Choose either the
St. louis Blues, St.Louis Cardinals, St. Louis Rams, St. Louis Vipers or the St. Louis Ambush
Other Links of Local Interest
St. Louis Home Page
St. Louis Blues Musicians
Local St.Louis Doppler Radar!
The Low Bullsh*t Guide to St. Louis
St. Louis Tapestry - providing online community information.
St. Louis County Library - or access the catalog direct via Telnet

Some of my other Hobbies

 Thiel Aqua Tech Library - Has anyone heard from Albert ?
Reef Addiction - Collection of information and pictures about Marine and Reef Aquaria.
Marine and Reef Aquarium Information Source Page
Amazing Reef - comprehensive site on reef keeping.
Freshwater And Marine Aquarium Magazine
World Wide Guide to Aquarium & Fish
Fish Information Service (FINS)
Charles Delbeek's Homepage
Aqualink Home Page
Blues World
St. Louis Concert Web
 EFF - THE ELECTRONIC FRONTIER FOUNDATION "Don't make me hand over my privacykeys!"
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Open Text - Alta Vista - WebCrawler - Lycos - Inktomi - DejaNews
Point - A2Z - HotBot - Excite - Image Surfer - Yellow Pages - People Search
City Maps - Get Local - More Yahoos
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