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CW--the real reason why we should keep it

Listed in my mission statement are some of the fundamental ideals affecting amateur radio. Study them closely and you will see that one of them includes communication skills, of which a language is made specific note of. English is a language. Spanish is a language. Russian is a language. CW (International Morse code) is a language. Of these, which is the most flexible? To date, I have only heard of one (1) international "language". Of course, it is CW. It is for this reason that CW should remain some sort of a requirement. Having an international language could prove very useful when the "aliens come to get us." Just think about it . . . everyone in the world would have some sort of communication with each other because we hams would still be required to know Morse code. CW could save the world!

Look at the other arguement I could make on the subject though. What is the United State's policy on education? Something to the tune of "the more education the better." Think about it: by learning CW, we are continuing our education simply by learning the Morse code. We are setting valuable examples in today's lax atmosphere. Education is the key to everything--that is, assuming one knows how to use that education. For this country to continue to succeed we need to crank out more kids that want to learn. If we set the example, who knows. What all this means is by merely learning the code we are setting examples that are in total accordance with the government, and against many things that are causing problems in America--or in the world, if you are an international visitor to the page. At the very least you could be providing a service to your immediate community. At the very most you could be making the world a better place to live.

Well, that is my arguement for CW. If you have any other ideas that have not been completely overused, send me some mail and I will include it. Whatever you do, just spread the word. If you are not yet versed in CW, whether you are a ham or not, do it. You won't be sorry. Idle minds are the atrocities of the world. Do something. Thanks for reading through this.


Education means a lot to me. I have strived to make sure that everything on this entire website is correct, to the best of my attempts. I am sure that some of it is in direct disagreement with what really is. That could be due to discrepancies when I was thinking about what to say--I have not looked and copied from any book for any of this page, which means that some of it could be wrong. For this I am eternally sorry. If you do find it wrong, please bring it to my attention...I'd hate to look the fool because you didn't do anything to help me out.

In accordance with my policy on education, I have accumulated an interesting assortment of some of the better pages on the web that deal with eduacation. As I take more and more classes in different courses, these links will continue to grow--I don't like static lists. Thank you for reading this far, if you really have. And if you haven't, thanks anyway.

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