This site is dedicated to presenting the various collectibles that were produced over the past thirty years and to show some of the collectibles readers have acquired while attending trade shows, swap meets, and the stars themselves.   It is also a means of identifying REAL and GENUINE items. If you want to post your collectible, please send us a high quality - scannable image.  I will post it and credit you for the item.

Updated:  October 2001

Genuine Adam-12 Collectibles:

  • A series of Adam-12 Comic Books under the "Gold Key" & Whitman Labels (circa-1974).
  • A series of paperback books featuring stories based on the series.
  • The Adam-12 Lapel Pin (used as an access pass on the set).
  • The Adam-12 Cox Car - 0.49 White Gas Engine (circa-1974).
  • The Adam-12 Lunch Box (w/thermos) licensed through Alladin Industries (Front&Back).
  • The Adam-12 Press Kit (circa-1968) - Biographies of Milner & McCord, 5x7 autographed images on cardstock.
  • GAF "Viewmaster" and "Talking Viewmaster" sets (The Beast Episode)
  • (4) TV Guides - July 5, 1969, June 26, 1971, July 22, 1972, & August 4, 1973
  • Universal "ADAM-12" Promotional Images Autographed by Martin Milner, Kent McCord & William Boyett.
  • Color and B&W Promotional Images taken from the TV show.
  • The scripts used in the series (beware of copies - deal with a reputable collector).  Official scripts are stamped with a Universal Studio Copyright Notice!
  • The Adam-12 TV Companion (First and Second Edition(s) - Limited to 150 in print.

The Collection of David Burns

8"x10" Autographed Pictures from Martin Milner & Kent McCord (1996 & 1997):

  • Adam-12 Original Script(s) with staff notes:
      • Adam-12 Episode "Air Drop" written by Leo V. Gordon (1972);
      • Adam-12 Episode "Vendetta" written by Leo V. Gordon (March 28, 1972);
      • Adam-12 Episode "Suspect #1" written by Leo V. Gordon (March 6, 1974)
      • Adam-12 Episode "Suicide" written by Brian Taggert (May 13, 1974)
      • Adam-12 Episode "Pressure Point" written by J. Rickley Dumm (May 14, 1974)
      • Adam-12 Episode "X-Force" written by R.J. Wagar (05/28/1974);
      • Adam-12 Episode "The Victim" written by Walter Dallenbach (09/16/1974)
      • Adam-12 Episode "Citizen with a Gun" written by Walter Dallenbach (09/30/74)
      • Adam-12 Episode "Something Worth Dying For - Part I" written by David H. Vowell (12/03/1974);
      • Adam-12 Episode "Something Worth Dying For - Part II" written by David H. Vowell (12/03/1974);

    Other Collectibles from the Collectors Who Own Them:

    From the collection of Amy Morgan:

    Pictured - the famous Adam-12 Cox Vehicle (left) and the official Adam-12 Set Pin (Right)

    The Collection of Raul Moreno

    The Collection of Officer "DFC" Rick Winer (Frederick County Sheriff's Office)

    This picture features Rick and his family when he visited with the actors from Adam-12 at a collector's show (1997)

    picture submitted by Officer Rick Winer (1997)


    • (a) TV Guides Originals - (4) Total: July 5, 1969, June 26, 1971, July 22, 1972, & August 4, 1973.
    • (b) An Adam-12 Press Kit issued by Universal/MCA Television.
    • (c) The Adam-12 TV Companion (written by the Adam-12 Home Page host)
    • (d) TV Guide Sunday Schedule.
    • (e) Television Weekly Guide.
    • (f) Signed Kent McCord Promo shot
    • (g-h-i-j) Promo Shots of Milner & McCord.
    • (k) Miniature 1:43 scale Adam-12 reproduction car & 1/2 scale Badges #744-2430.
    • (l) Adam-12 music score.
    • (m) personal photo of McCord & Milner with a fan.
    • (n-o) Adam-12 Whitman & Gold Key Comic Books (10 each).
    • (p) Promo shot of Milner (signed).
    • (q) Promo shot of Milner, McCord, & Boyett.
    • (r) MARK VII and LAPD "POLICEMAN" badges.
    • (s) Adam-12 paperback book series.
    • (t) Various episode scripts.
    • (u) "Phantom" model kit box.
    • (v-w) Talking GAF viewmaster reels.
    • (x) Adam-12 "COX" car w/instruction manual.
    • (y) Promo shot of Milner & McCord.
    • (z) Motrac radio console and microphone.
    • (aa) Adam-12 "Aladdin" Lunchbox w/thermos.
    • (bb) Trio sales can light set w/chrome siren unit.
    • The "TV Collector" March 1995.
    Pictured (bottom)
    • MARK VII Caricature of the set staff
    • ADAM-12 NBC affiliate lobby card.

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