My Propagation Beacon . . .

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These are the messages that my beacon is sending at 13WPM
K G 4 W B H \ B____E M 7 4 f u
K G 4 W B H \ B____T R E N T O N , G A

I kept it simple with just my call sign and grid locator.
It is on 28.222mhz and is transmitting with 2 watts of power.
I am going to run the beacon continuous(24/7) since it is on a dedicated
power supply and it has run for the past week and barely got warm.

This beacon went "on the air" at 15:30ZULU on Sept. 23, 2003
at 20WPM and on 28.221mhz. See the update below for details.
The beacon went to it's new freq. and speed at 0400Zulu on
Sept. 27, 2003 and is still running 2 watts into a dipole.

My beacon is constructed from an old Emperor TS5010 that lost SSB operations
but still worked on CW. Armed with this important part of the beacon, I forged on
with the project. It took a little while to find a suitable keyer and to gather up
the needed parts, but I finally got them all together once I found a keyer.
The list of devices that I used are as follows:

  • Emporer TS5010 10 meter transceiver
  • Old Radio Shack 12V Power Supply
  • Homebrew 10meter Dipole up 12 feet between two trees
  • Old Radio Shack 10 meter SWR/Watt meter
  • NorCal Keyer Kit

Below are a couple of pictures of my beacon as it is right now.
The first one shows the radio that I used along with the keyer and SWR meter.

The next one shows the power supply and keyer a little better.

I built the keyer into a film canister and used wire connectors to connect
my paddles to the unit for programming and setting it into operation.
I "turned off" the radio's onboard speaker to conserve power by inserting
an unused external speaker connector. I also set the display to dim mode to
help save power. I also had to turn off the keyer side tone, since the radio
has it's own onboard already. This unit runs silent in the corner of the shack.

Please, If you hear my beacon, let me know it so I can get an idea of how good
it works. If you will send a QSL, I will send you a Beacon card in return. If you
can't or don't want to bother with the snail mail, then just send me an e-mail
to let me know. If you send me an e-mail, put "beacon" in the subject line.

I have found out that I used a freq. that was in close proximity to another
10 meter beacon in Georgia. I have looked all over the internet for a clear freq.
as well as listening to the radio to see if the freq. is in fact clear of others
and as of right now I am going to transmit on 28.222. I also slowed the message
down today to 13WPM due to the poor propagation conditions at this time.
The message text did not change.

Here are a few of the confirmations so far:

  • WB7AIE - Kent, Washington
  • N6PC - San Diego, California
  • WJ5O - Corpus Christi, Texas
  • DL8WX - Lautert, GERMANY


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