KG2PM SETI Radio Telescope Project

Amateur Radio


Station Specifications
Antenna - Andrew GP10-15B3 Dish (surplus, welded aluminum)
Antenna Diameter - 10 feet
Gain Bottom - 30.6
Gain Middle 31.0
Gain Top 31.3
Beamwidth - 4.7 degrees
Focal Length 35.8 inches
Feed - Andrew, supplied with dish. Some sort of dipole splash plate
LNA - Downeast Microwave 1420LNAH PHEMT Radio Astronomy Preamlifier
Noise Figure - <.4 dB
Gain - >16 dB
Center Frequecy - 1420 Mhz
Input Voltage - 8 - 18 volts
Receiver - SDR-1000 Data satellite receiver, Valley Products, Corp (surplus)
Input Freq - 950-1750 Mhz
Quartz-Synthesized tuning. More than 2000 freq settings are possible.
RS-232 Output
Signal Strength Meter
Picture of receiver circuit board modifications
Picture of electronics mounted to dish in a water tight container
Tek-Tronix Type 454 Oscilloscope
Optoelectronics 10hz-2.2Ghz Frequecy Counter
Hewlett-Packard 8690B Sweep generator
PC 166 mhz, 2.2Ghz Hard Drive under Windows98, 2.2Ghz HD under Linux
Software - ScopeView Software by Radio Shack, for PC interface Multimeter #22-805
Radio Sky Publications Data Collect Lite (Radio Astronomy); Planetarium