Covers and stamps from the Shrub Oak Local Post: 

"Grand-daddy" of all modern-day local posts

Operated by the late Herman "Pat" Herst, renowned philatelist and philatelic writer...

Although even he admitted as such, in that his was not the first modern-day local post, (Herst's effort having been preceded by the Camel Post in California in 1936 and the Midget Town Local Post at the 1939 New York World's Fair) Herst's post did gain much more attention in the philatelic arena, and covers from his Shrub Oak Local Post are prized collectibles by Local Post followers.  The first day of operation of the Shrub Oak Local Post was May 1, 1953.

 Note that this stamp is not in "similitude" to any current U.S. postage stamp, and is also cancelled by a device not similar to postal markings in use at the time; all requirements that the Post Office Department placed on Herst, and that the correct U.S. postage for a first class letter is paid for in addition to the local post "stamp".  All of this is covered in the United States Code, Chapter 18 1696 if you want to read further.

This example shows the placement of the local post stamp on a #10 cover; the postmark is hard to read here, but is believed to be a Shrub Oak, NY Duplex type canceler.

Close-of of the Shrub Oak Local Post Stamp and "Cancel"

  Herst later operated the Shrub Oak Local dog post, with his German Shepherd, Alfie.  The Shrub Oak Local Dog Post stamp featuring "Alfie" was the post's second issue.  It was designed by Robert Shields and had a printing issue of 50,000.  First day of issue of the perforated stamp was September 23, 1966.  It was issued in sheets of 40 stamps, with 5 imperforate pairs existing on each sheet.

Approximate 6 times enlargement of the Shrub Oak Local Dog Post stamp.

Greatly enlarged for detail, this scan is approximately 6 times actual size.

In later years, Herst "semi"-retired to Boca Raton, Florida, with his health failing.  The last "official" day of use was June 1, 1973, and Herst even issued covers marking the event, with the wording "Last Day of Service" and with the Shrub Oak local stamp that had the June 1 date inside the dial.  Previously Herst had used a stamp that said "Dated as postmarked." 

Years later, in 1985, Herst mailed out the monthly issue of the Local Post Collector's Society entitled "The Poster" from West Palm Beach, Florida, with that same Shrub Oak Local Dog Post Stamp.  Herst wrote in an accompanying article "Call this a souvenir of one of the smartest dogs that ever lived."

1985 Shrub Oak Local Post cover (approximately actual size) franked with two Dog Post stamps, postmarked in West Palm Beach, Florida; mailed by Herman Herst, Jr.

Herst also operated the Boca Raton Local Bicycle Post with two varieties being issued.

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