Political Correctness Mode?

As many of you may know, we have been encouraged to quit using the terms "Deadbeat Dad" or "Deadbeat Mom"...

As I understand it, the new and proper term for parents who abandon their children and leave mom (or the taxpayer) holding the bag, is to say instead that they are suffering from Responsibility Deficit Syndrome. (RDS) Actually, it is kinda laughable, if it were not such a serious topic.

And to think that I was brought up in Southwest Missouri, being told to just tell it like it is, and not to beat around the bush. If you want something, say it. If you have something on your mind, speak up. My grandpa called it "shuckin' the corn right down to the cob." That childhood training to speak clearly and directly still gets me in trouble sometimes!

This whole mealy-mouthed notion of RDS sounds like "government-speak" to me... let's make abandoning your children and not providing for their support, sound "nicer" than the vicious act it really is. This whole "PC" thing makes me sick. I'll get off my high horse now...what are homepages for but to share your message?