Private Child Support Collection Agencies Enter the Arena of IV-D as major stakeholders

Probably the only private agency I feel comfortable in even mentioning here is Child Support Enforcement out of Texas.

While their corporate name sounds very much like many state IV-D agencies, they are not...they are private companies in business to make money. Be warned that there are many fly-by-night ops out there. CSE is not one of them.

I have listened to this gentleman (Casey Hoffman) speak and preside over a National Child Support Enforcement Association Conference, and I have heard and know of his personal integrity. I am not making an endorsement of the services they provide, and please don't construe this an an endorsement, private or otherwise, but I think people have the right to know that government agencies are not the only game in town, so to speak.

As a last resort, a person who is owed a considerable amount of past due child support should not totally rule out the private collection agency options, especially if "conventional" methods have failed. If you are interested, go back to my main page at , and click on the banner in the middle of that page.

Their website also includes a nifty Interest Calculator, something you will find handy. Incidentally, Missouri's rate is 1% simple interest, compounded monthly, equaling 12% APR. It is actually cheaper on obligors in some instances to get a loan to pay off the arrearages, at that rate! last updated 12-24-99