Joplin BBQ Restaurants

In my book, the best BBQ restaurant in Joplin is Lumpy's. They are located in the old John's Market on historic Langston Hughes Broadway in the eastern part of Joplin. Don't let the rather utilitarian exterior of the building fool you; this is great barbeque! I know they are busy, which is usually a good sign.Lumpy's is well worth your while.

Their sandwiches are excellent! Choose from brisket, pulled pork, smoked chicken, sausage, or smoked ham. The quality of any BBQ joint's sandwiches is usually a pretty good indicator as to whether their pitmaster knows what real BBQ is. Their sides are good, too. Hungry? Might I recommend their "Lumpy"? This used to be an item on their regular menu, but they took it off, so you will have to ask for it specifically, and your server might be a new hand and not even know what it is. A "Lumpy" is a double-decker brisket and pulled pork combination sandwich, with thinly sliced red onion, and a pickle on the side, served on untoasted Texas Toast. They are generous with their sauce, so if you like less sauce, just tell them to put the sauce on the side.  I haven't ordered a Lumpy for quite some time, so you might just be best to stick with what they have on the menu.

If you are wanting a dinner plate, go for the Lumpy's plate, which comes with a portion of wafer-thin sliced brisket, (darn near seethru!) three meaty back ribs and some chunks of their own homemade sausage, two sides and bread. I like their red potato salad, which tastes much like Hillshire Farms Red Potato Salad. Lighter appetites might want to go for their half a smoked chicken plate,  Also, their carryout slabs of baby back ribs are larrupin'!! (that's an affirmative declaration; an Ozarkism) You have to try them! The servers are cute, courteous, attentive and they are real nice people, too! I give Lumpy's

P.S. My youngest son said to tell you he recommends their Turtle Cheesecake!

Also getting the pitmaster's initial nod is Big R's on 15th Street near Illinois Ave. They are the pricier of the two joints, and their decor, is well, different. The one dining room has a stuffed man hanging upside-down from the ceiling in a jon boat, if that gives you a clue. Their billboard slogan is "We have the meat that can't be beat!" (Gotta love a sign like that, right?)

Just got a chance to eat inside recently courtesy of a birthday gift from my crew at work, and the size of their slab of ribs is staggering. This was not ribs from a piglet; it was a full-grown hog... but it was tender. Prior to that, I had only had their carryout rib special. From the carryout, I had been able to verify that this is real barbeque, folks! Unlike a couple of other local places that appear to utilize a commercial oven to save on the cost of wood, there is no mistaking real quality. This man knows barbeque and I'll give him two thumbs up; try their slab special of baby back ribs if you're needin' a BBQ "fix". Run on over to Joplin when you come to Southwest Missouri to visit Precious Moments in Carthage, and have some real BBQ at either of these two joints, you can't go wrong!

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