Autograph Collecting

A booming hobby and one that has a long past, although today's crass commercialism threatens to ruin the hobby for all of us. (Especially for those of us who have sent for autographs through the mail.) It is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain autographs by mail or in person. Celebrities are quickly becoming disenchanted with the hundreds of requests they get by mail daily; the "novelty" of signing one's name wears off quickly!

One of the most gracious signers is the former astronaut and now U.S. Senator John Glenn. Here is a bold autograph of his, although it may be an autopen. He has been known to use autopens in many instances. Still a nice addition to a collection.



As one who had to sign his signature maybe a hundred or more times a day, I can identify with this! Until I can get some more examples from my collection up, you might want to check out these autograph/celebrity and memorabilia sites: Page updated 10 August 2009