Text of Letter from Paul C. Mills,

Postmaster of Polar Bear Local Post

Prudhoe Bay, Alaska January 3, 1984[1]




          “The 25th Anniversary of Alaska Statehood stamps will also close the activities of the Polar Bear Local Post as I am no longer employed on the North Slope at Prudhoe Bay.

          I came to Alaska ten years ago at age 55, after thirty years in the Restaurant business in San Francisco and became a head cook in the major camps of the Trans Alaska Pipeline, and since its completion in 1977 have worked in the same capacity in the major camps at Prudhoe Bay where my hand painted covers have become my camp hobby and the Polar Bear Local Post and have mailed over six thousand letters around the world to Stamp and cover Friends.

          I have used the new Alaska Statehood Stamp and many other Alaska related issues to make combo covers of all my remaining hand made covers #10 size for First Day of Issue cancellation along with a number of the  PBLP #10 covers with combo stamps and cancels, also the #6 size PBLP printed cover with one stamp, all covers have a PBLP stamp and cancel on the back.”


[A Pricelist followed to the end of the page, with an example of the “polar bear leaning on an oil derrick” cancellation device.]



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[1] From personal correspondence received from Paul C. Mills, then at 808 “O” Place, Anchorage, AK  99501