I am not responsible for damage to your radio because of these mods, or any other thing related to the
way something is worded that might offend anyone. These are for experimental purposes only and shouldn't
be tried by anyone with value for Ham Radio, CB, & family radio band laws.

Modification Sites

      The CB Shop Mods
      Haggis Cb Mods
      Skinners CB Mods
      Antenna Fabrication
      Snake Doctors CB ModZ (pretty good!)
      Tyler's CB Hut
      The Defpom Realistic CB Radio Adjustments Page
      1998 CB TRICKS
      The Defpom CB And Amateur Radio Pages
      Central Communications CB Repair Manuals
      Homer's CB radio mods and links
      How to Tune your Antenna


      Copper Electronics (good pricing)
      Bills 2 Way
      CB Shop, (In the Netherlands thou..)
      E-bay (Find nice used gear CHEAP!)

E-mail me with questions or send more modifications to:

Also be *SURE* and E-mail me if one of these links go dead!!

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