Amateur Radio in Savannah

(listed alphabetically)

Amateur Radio Club of Savannah (ARCS)
-meets second Tuesday of each month
-operates 146.970 repeater
-offers VE sessions (license examination sessions)

Coastal Amateur Radio Society (CARS)
-meets first Monday of each month
-operates 146.700 and 147.210 repeaters
-offers Amateur Radio classes

FISTS CW Club of Coastal Georgia
-CW Club associated with the FISTS International Morse Preservation Society

Liberty County Emergency Communications Amateur Radio Club (LCECARC)
-meets last Monday of each month
-operates 145.470 and 147.015 repeaters
-offers VE sessions (license examination sessions)

Statesboro Amateur Radio Society (STARS)
-operates 147.105 repeater
-offers Amateur Radio Classes and VE Sessions

(listed alphabetically by organization)

146.970  Amateur Radio Club of Savannah  2100  Thursdays

147.105  Amateur Radio Emergency Service  1900  Thursdays

146.700  Coastal Amateur Radio Society  2100 Sundays

145.470  Liberty County Emergency Communications Amateur Radio Club  2000  Thursdays

147.510  Savannah Simplex Net  2000  Mondays

  50.130  Southeast Georgia 6-meter Ragchew Net  2100 Mondays

147.105  Statesboro Amateur Radio Society  2000  Tuesdays

KF4LMT's Mobile Station
Coastal GA Trunked Systems
Coastal Georgia VHF/UHF
Coastal Georgia Military Monitoring