"Kawasaki Vulcan 800"

This is my first bike, a 2004 Kawasaki Vulcan 800A. It's not a big bike, but I figured it was big enough for me. The bike weighing in around 500 pounds seemed more than enough for this crippled up fat ole man. Having a few medical problems and being overweight, I didn't want to push my luck. The 805 cc engine has plenty of power for me.

I took the motorcycle safety class and passed with flying colors. Being kind of out of shape, the Honda Rebel 250 I used in the class give me good work out, it only weighs about 250 pounds. That made me realize I didn't need a great big bike to wrestle with. The Vulcan 800 has plenty of "get up and go".

Here's a picture with the light bar and road bar, I have since added saddlebags and a toolbag. They installed the mediocre carb jet when they put on the Cobra exhaust.

OK, I added the Cobra Slashcut exhaust and had it jetted for the exhaust around the 2000 mile mark. The exhaust is pretty loud and sounds pretty good, better than I thought they would. The bike runs a little better and I don't have to use the choke as much, but the back plug fouled out easily.

I been riding around mostly by myself to get the feel of the bike. The one thing I don't like, is in 5th gear and going over 60 mph, it feels like you need to shift again.( high rpm cuising )The constant winding out of the engine makes me feel like I'm racing and keeps me on edge. I don't go over 55 very often and try to stay on the back roads and go slow, especially since it's still in the 50's.

My third set of tires were Metzlers and they rode very well. The following spring I put on new sprockets and a new chain, as they had abt 25,000 miles on them. I wanted to put on smaller sprocket ( a 39 tooth on the rear and 17 tooth on the front ) on the back to give it a easier and a lower rpm for better hiway cruising. The sprockets did great, still had take off and mid range power, plus lower rpm hiway cruising, which was a lot more comfortable. I did the sprockets and and the carb rejet myself. The rejet the bike shop did was no where good enough. I installed a 65 main jet , a 50 primary jet and a dyno needle with the clip on the second notch. Of coarse I had to modify the air intake which was easy enough. These changes made a world of difference, only wished I had done them sooner. The bike had more power, plus it was a nicer bike all around, it idled better and the plugs didn't foul out like before. It even sounded better ..This bike would get on down the road.!

Some day I will have another one.


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