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Amateur Radio Emergency Communication Association (ARECA)

There are Amateur Radio operators, popularly known as Ham Radio operators or simply Hams, in every county of the United States. There are countless examples of Hams providing essential communications during disasters, when all other lines of communications have failed. Becoming an Amateur Radio operator is not as simple as buying a two-way radio and turning it on.

All Hams are licensed by the Federal Communications Commission. Licenses are issued to individuals who, through rigorous testing, have demonstrated their knowledge and expertise in radio theory and procedure. The use of special frequencies, including 2-meter repeaters which are most widely used by ARES/RACES groups, is regulated and standardized using protocols established by the American Radio Relay League (ARRL).

In every corner of the nation, Hams participate in local clubs which own and operate these repeaters that enhance and extend radio communications.The Amateur Radio Emergency Service, or ARES, is an organization which was formed under the ARRL. ARES organizations can operate in support of state and local emergency management, support the Red Cross, VOAD, etc.. ARES teams participate in severe weather observation (Skywarn), search and rescue operations, support of major public events and just about any situation where reliable communications links are needed to replace or augment normal emergency communications systems.

Experienced emergency management professionals know that everyday communications links (e.g. land & cellular telephones, public service radios) may not exist during major emergencies. Almost certainly, Hams will be up and ready to serve. As one individual put it, "HAM" stands for "Helping All Mankind".      Michael KB4JHU/AFA2DQ                                                       Official Emergency Station, Coffee County. Tennessee

Amateur Radio Emergency Communication Association (ARECA) KF4AZE

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