KF0CR - Luc Decroos (QSL via ON7DQ)

HAM Radio from ASH GROVE
Greene County, Missouri


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Hi ! Welcome to my far-from-home webpage.
I am normally operating as ON7DQ, from Ostend, Belgium, but I operate as KF0CR from
Ash Grove, MO, every five years or so.

This is the farm on which my temporary station is installed, the house is top left, surrounded by trees.

I got my advanced ticket in a one day session (10 a.m. till 2 p.m.) at the Kimberling City ARC, in 1989.
Being an electronics teacher , the CW was really the hardest part for me , HI.
Also, my brother-in-law Leo, NM0U, gave me some good study guides & question books, that helped a lot.
The three musketeers, sorry, VEC's, in the middle were making sure that everything went "by the rules",while Leo (NM0U) smiled supportingly ... and I looked rather exhausted !

My latest operation was during July and August of 1999.
I made some 75+ QSO's using an IC706MkIIG and a horizontal -V dipole + homebrew tuner..
And this is my "shack" in the back of the garage, next to the freezer... that didn't keep me cool though, hi.

In 1999, we also traveled through Arizona, Utah , Colorado and Wyoming.
Except for some 2-meter qso's, we had not much time for  "hamming".

I you have Echolink available , feel free to call me on the Ostend 70cm repeater (ON0OST, node 82010),
recently, I even had a contact with Charles, KF0C from Seneca,MO on our repeater, what a surprise ...

Well, 73 for now ...and hope to hear you on the bands !

                                                                                       Luc - KF0CR

Some links :

Here is a simple tool for those that are near an Echolink-enabled radio station, but have no internet access : download EchoDialer.zip
It is a simple Java-Applet meant to be used off-line. Unzip it to your C:-drive (in the root dir), then doubleclick the EchoDialer.htm file
in c:\EchoDialer . It enables you to lookup the nodenumber and/or availability of any station based on the callsign.
Also, you can use it as a DTMF dialer. (though there may be better programs for that)

ON4HTI : The ham club at the school where I teach
(if you really want to know : I teach JAVA-Programming, Transmission Lines, Antennas, HF Electronics, etc  ... in the electronics department,
 and Aircraft Telecommunications, Radar, GPS & other navigation aids, etc ... in the aeronautical department of the "Ostend Polytechnic University"
 in Ostend, Belgium)

Did you ever hear the "GoCup" radio commercial ? ... Listen !
    [Note : You may have to download this file  (700 kB) to your PC and play it later, have fun !]
To get some feeling for the meaning of this commercial, you should visit the wonderful OZARKS REGION and learn some of the local lingo ....

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