The Voice of America
Delano, California

Transmitter building housing three transmitters, administrative offices, engineers' laboratory & shops, water stills for cooling the large tubes, cooling blowers, power substation,
high-voltage (20 kva) power supply, modulators power supply,modulators,rest rooms, full-length control room in the center, and the security  guard tower.  The entire property was fenced
with a security guard house at the entrance.
South side view of the transmitter building showing the large room housing the large modulation transformers and the feed lines exiting the window above the 200-kw final water-cooled tubes and the tank coil.
Southwest corner of transmitter building
showing end of the air conditioning room
and the switching bay with feed lines.
Switching bay showing one switching "arm" above and two lower down. Output from each
of the three transmitters could be switched to
any one of nine rhombic antennas directed
to different geographic locations of the earth.
Rear of the transmitter building showing the
six 8 by 8 foot cooling radiators with automat-
ic louvers to control water temperatures.  The
car is my 1941 Ford sedan.  New cars didn't exist and we all kept driving our cars foryears.
View showing how the high-power doubled
feed lines exited the building through a special
glass insulator window especially engineered
for the purpose.  Double quarter-inch copper
wires were used to handle the high power output, and they were clamped together every
two feet to prevent reflections and tune the lines.