Family Album
(Picture in museum at
Fort Scott, Kansas)
    Franzo K. Crawford 
Dr. Robert Oliver Crawford's
father, born april 28, 1844,
Marilyn's great grandfather
Married January 1866 to
Sarah E. Wheeler, born 1843
Dade County, MO
 8 children
Absolem Hall McClintock 
Captain, Civil War Dragoons
Marilyn's great grandfather,
Ella Jane's father, died 1884,
Fort Scott, Kansas
6 children
Harriet McClintock
Marilyn's great
grandmother, Ella
Jane's mother,
6 children
Forrest's grandpa
James (Jim) Easley
Forrest's Grandma
Catherine (May)
Easley, 1930
Marilyn's Grandpa
Dr. R.O. Crawford
March 19, 1905
Marilyn's Grandma
Ella Jane (McClintock)
Crawford,March 19,1905
Oscar S. Easley, 1923
(Wedding pix)
Forrest, Don, &Jewel's
Elda Marie (Malleis)
Easley, 1923(Wedding pix)
Forrest, Don, & Jewel's
Ralph Crawford, '40s
Marilyn, George, & Jeanette's
Theo (Morris) Crawford
Marilyn, George,&Jeanette's
Don & Forrest Easley
at Forrest's place on navy base,China Lake, CA
(Forrest's '64 Cadillac)
Jewel Catherine Easley
Senior picture
Albuquerque High School
Marilyn Sue Crawford
Senior function, her pink
evening dress
El Dorado Springs, MO
High School  1956
George, Jeanette,Theo, &
Ralph Crawford
(Rest of Marilyn's family)
(Picture to be provided))
Don Easleym WW2
USS Curtis, Instrument
Shop, (deseased 1982)
Jewel Catherine Easley
Marilyn Sue Crawford
Eighth Grade Graduation
George, Jeanette, &Marilyn Crawford at
George Washington home
(Picture to be provided)
(Picture to be provided)
Pvt. Forrest Easley WW2
U.S. Army, Radio Section,
Btry B,548th AAA Btn
Jewel Catherine Easley
Marilyn (second) plays 8
hands, two pianos at concert
Ralph & Theo Crawford
Marilyn, Jeanette & husband Max, Marilyn's sons Brent & Mark
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