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Some of my favorite places:

Amateur Radio
Ventura County Amateur Radio Society

CVARC: Conejo Valley Amateur Radio Club
American Radio Relay League (ARRL)
UALR's U.S. Amateur Radio Club Call sign Lookup
Tuscon Amateur Packet Radio (TAPR)
Sunbelt HamFest
Yahoo! Amateur Radio
WebCrawler Amateur Radio
Excite! Amateur Radio
EINET Galaxy Amateur Radio
Infoseek Amateur Radio
Lycos Amateur Radio

Computer Viruses & Antivirus Software
McAfee Virus Data Files
Symantec AntiVirus Research Center

Assembly Language Programming
International Brotherhood of Assembly/Machine Programmers
PHOAKS: Frequency for comp.lang.asm.x86
Ralf Brown's Interrupt List
Ralf Brown's Interrupt List HTML Version
Ralf Brown's Home Page
Quantasm, Assembly Language Tools
Assembly Languages News Group (news)
Assembly Language (x86) Resources
Virtual Library - Assembly Section
Yahoo! - Computers and Internet:Programming Languages:Assembly:Intel 80x86
What is assembly language? Why use it?
Assembly Language Resource
Randall Hyde's Assembly Language Page

Visual Assembly

Encryption Policy Resource Page
Guide to Cryptography - a quick introduction
Encryption's In The Federal Spotlight
The Golden Key Campaign for Private Communications Online
NCSA HTTPd/Mosaic: Using PGP/PEM auth
What Is...encryption and decryption (a definition)
Yahoo! - Computers and Internet:Security and Encryption
Commercial Encryption Export Controls
MIT distribution site for PGP
Encryption: Coded Communications On The Internet, Who Should Hold The Key?
PROVANTAGE - Encryption
Yahoo! Net Events: Security and Encryption
Cryptography FAQ
Cryptography Links Outside of North America
MIT distribution site for PGP
Public Key Cryptography
Foundations of Cryptography
Cryptography FAQ Index
Cryptography Resources
Cryptography and Information Security Group (CIS Group)
Beginners Cryptography Page
Quantum Cryptography
Cryptography and Computer Security
Netscape's: Using RSA Public Key Cryptography for Internet Security
Web pages of interest to cryptography researchers
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Cryptography
Lucas Sequences in Cryptography
Crypto Law Survey
European Cryptography Resources
Quadralay Cryptography Archive
Common Data Security Architecture (Intel's CDSA)

The NASA Shuttle Web Page

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