NorCal 38s



Here is a construction project which got me involved in radio building and QRP operation! My background is in Software Engineering. Although I spend a lot of time working with micro-controller and interface circuitries in my profession, but I rarely ever need to build any test fixtures. The last building project I had was many years ago when I was learning about building PC board in college.

A few years ago, Ori, AC6AN, whom I met on the Charlie local repeater, brought a little board that has been populated with quite a few components 


NC38002.JPG (30481 bytes)

NC38S fitted inside an A/B switch box

NC38003.JPG (89457 bytes)

NC38S with Tick and 5W mod. Check out that many wires!

NC38004.JPG (93342 bytes)

Another view

NC38005.JPG (59289 bytes)

NC38006.JPG (64889 bytes)

NC38007.JPG (56974 bytes)

NC38008.JPG (63461 bytes)

NC38011.JPG (93226 bytes)

NC38010.JPG (38123 bytes)

Dan's Small Parts Audio Filter

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