Field Day




Field days are fun radio events to operate (QRP or ARRL). It allows me and a few friends to set up radios and antennas from a park or mountain top locations. We normally operate for half a day, then pack up and call it a day. For the last few years, the Elecraft K2 has been my favorite field radio since it has a built in battery pack, memory keyer and an ATU. I normally throw a line up the tree (the higher, the better - Check out my homemade "wrist rocket" page) then let the ATU handled the SWR mismatch. Below are a few pictures of my "field station" K2 and operating positions:

k2_fd200103.jpg (86491 bytes)

k2_fd200104.jpg (112396 bytes)

ke6d_fd200102.jpg (101742 bytes)

ke6d_fd200101.jpg (98057 bytes)


73, Dan


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