Elecraft K2



The Elecraft K2 Radio Building Project


This is a definitely "must do" project for any one who are interested in both building and using a superbly designed all band HF radio. The kit is pretty expensive comparing to other QRP kits, but unlike any other qrp rigs you built before, the performance of the K2 is comparable with very expensive commercial radios in the market.

I am so busy with work and family to do a good job on this K2 web page right now, but I promise that one of these days when I have a litle bit more time on my hand, I will revise this page to include step by step construction with lots of pictures to show my progress (I took a lot of pictures when I worked on this baby!) since this project is my most favorite project as far as radio building is concerned.

Here is a list of various pictures which I took during the the construction period:

K2_002.jpg (33921 bytes)

K2_003.jpg (46331 bytes)

K2_004.jpg (32384 bytes)

K2_005.jpg (58246 bytes)

K2_006.jpg (26502 bytes)

K2_007.jpg (47018 bytes)

K2_008.jpg (48788 bytes)

K2_009.jpg (28645 bytes)

K2_010.jpg (31476 bytes)

K2_011.jpg (41399 bytes)


72 es Happy building...

Dan, KE6D


Last Update: May 11, 2001 at 2100 PDT